Day 11: Salt Lakes

A little hour and a half drive outside the city brought us to the land (and lake) of salt. Leaving us with a day to explore the city and get a few errands done. Plus Subie gets a scrubbin.

We started our morning of later than usual with relaxation and a free hotel breakfast.

We made our way out to the salt flats

It was a beautiful drive and a very deceiving one as at first you think it’s all water and at some points it is water and others it’s just straight up salt.

After exploring a little bit of this crowded area we wanted to check out the Bonneville International Salt Flat Speedway area where you can drive around.

It was only about 15 more minutes of a drive from the salt flat rest stop area and totally worth it. This is where they film a lot of car commercials and where people race for the land speed record each year.

We seriously had so much fun, I mean check out these smiles we snatched from the GoPro video we made

We are biased but this has been the best honeymoon idea ever.

We stopped off at the Great Salt Lake State Park – I really wanted to go in and swim, but it was only 60 degrees out today.

It smelt like we were back on the east coast – we both paused for a few moments and took it all in.

We discovered it was national donut day – so while I drove Chris did some research and we stopped in at Banbury Cross Donuts.

The drive thru line was down the street and it was a little less busy people wise in doors, but out back the bakers were very busy filling Donut Day orders. Chris ordered a dozen (one of each) my eyes widened in a what the fuuuudge are you doing fashion, but y’all this absolute amazing man got extras and we gave one to each of the hotel staff members we passed from the front desk to the housekeeper who was so happy and thankful. Uhg this man ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

We rested for a bit in the hotel before we made a Target trip for a few things we needed to replenish and for the week of camping ahead .. and in a true Target run fashion .. things we didn’t need.

We headed downtown for some dinner. But dessert before dinner because .. Chris says we are adults and can do whatever so WHY NOT!?

Last Course was our dessert stop and it was AMAZING. As a dessert queen I give this place a golden crown. The service was impeccable. This two floor hangout was adorable and booming with groups of people. I ordered the peanut butter dessert with a scoop of gooey brownie ice cream. Peanut Butter lovers gold star. Chris got a scoop of maple bacon ice cream as well as chicken and waffle – very unique flavors all made in house – right up Chris’s alley. I AM NOT a soda person and haven’t had it in so long until this week trying these local root beers and cream sodas. I tried this one today a caramel cream root beer, a little too thick for my liking, but still good.

Dinner was also on the same street “Pretty Bird” was the place and they have a very small and limited menu, but they perfect it. Hot Chicken and slaw with a side of fries was our order. We shared this massive plate. I’m not a fan of eating chicken straight off the bone so Chris cut me off a couple pieces and they were delicious. Chris said it was cooked very well and the slaw was tasty (man of few words .. just like my dad).

Salt was CAKED on to pour Subie so I looked up a car wash near by. We found a do-it-yourself one and I was pumped I loooveeeee these things. As we were washing huge clumps of salt came out of the wheel wells we spent about 20 mins making sure we cleaned it all out along with the undercarriage as best we could. The layers of bugs we have demolished along the way were impossible to get completely off .. its nasty. It must be a serious issue here because we found some Bug Wipes for your car in Target.

I can’t even filter out all the bugs … but I mean she looks 100 times better inside and out.

Alright last post from Utah – first thing in the morning we are off, but for now are enjoying the comfort of a hotel with running water and amenities.

Salt Lake GoProVid (via QuikStory) we didn’t edit any of it yet just sharing what was pre-made we will do a video of our full trip at the end.



5 thoughts on “Day 11: Salt Lakes

  1. Love the GoPro video – hmm may need to get me one!!!! Loving the journey – carry on!! ❤️👍💜

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  2. As always stunning photos. Seem like someone is always willing to take a picture of two of you together. xxx to you & Chris. From,
    living through the Jablonski’s…❤️

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