Day 12: West Yellowstone, MT

434 miles Traveled – two national parks visited (part one for Yellowstone), Wildlife spotted, and a little cabin to call home for the next two nights.

We left Salt Lake City around 7am and headed to Grand Teton. The trek we to get there was no joke almost a steady incline the entire way. When we pulled off to take the Montana map photo we met a woman who is from North Andover, ‘you’ve probably never heard of it’ she told me .. yeah okay lady I grew up right by there. We had some great conversation and she gave us some ‘off the beaten path advice’.

after a quick gas stop and stop at Cabelas (I had to get new shoes Chris made me throw away my old ones because they smelt bad) haha. But I mean you know me, any excuse for new shoes I’m in.

Gas Stop: Ammon, ID $3.15/gal – gallon H20 $1.36

We went straight through Jackson Hole which was a very busy area with some cute shops and downtown, but it was PACKED. It turns out it was the Grand Teton Half Marathon in the morning and people were flooding the town. Definitely a half marathon I want to add to my list.

This has been Chris’s favorite views so far he loves the ‘naturalness’ and this climate, being the youngest mountains of the Rocky’s it’s an impressive sight to see with nothing else surrounding it.

We spent a good amount of time just observing the area.

But, adventure awaits so off we went.

We stopped in the visitors center for our cancellation stamp and park sticker and it was definitely one of the nicer centers we have seen.

Grand Teton heads right into Yellowstone so we continued on in for the first portion of our Yellowstone visit (more tomorrow).

Yellowstone has many visitors Centers and stamps to collect so we hit the first one and discovered Old Faithful was going off in an hour so we headed over there.

They say their predictions for when Old Faithful goes off are give or take 10 mins, today they were about 25 mins off. But when it did end up going off around 6:15pm it was worth it.

Again no photo can do it justice. The crowds of people grew by the second. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast so decided to stop for dinner in the park. On our way out we saw our first sport of wild life .. lots of Bison.

They are biiiggggg.

We headed off to our campground, not familiar with bears and all that we opted for a tiny cabin rather than a tent site. We still had to walk to the bathrooms, but were a little more sheltered.

This campground is awesome so far. We were greeted with big smiles from a security guard who escorted us to our site.

We had a relaxing night planning out our days worth of Yellowstone adventures.

Stay Bear-ware friends,


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