Ugly Crying Selfie

You know those days where the world seems to be against you? The days where to domino effect of negativity crashes down in front of you? The days where you NEED to get out there and run (or whatever your healthy outlet is)?

Today was that day for me. 

I am going to spare you the details until the anger and emotion settles down from it all, but the gem put it perfectly when he said, “it’s like they dangle your dream in front of you and tell you the dream is yours, and then they yank it away until you give them more, repeat, repeat”. I wi tell you that I now understand why people (especially my age) are not buying homes. This situation got to the point where I had to leave my job early to straighten everything out (it’s still up in the air). 
I left an emotional wreck. The frustrations, anger, headache, struggles dripping off of my face as I drove home. 
I got home after sitting in ridiculous construction traffic – three hours of back and fourth document after document submitted – question after question answered – – battling – – white noise – – and we wait. 
There is nothing more I can do so I decided to head out for a run – awesome, this is exactly what I need. A quick six mile loop and I’ll be good. I need this run. 

And off we go …
.36 miles in – shooting pain up my leg to my hip .. Okayyyy.. jog it out .. NOPE .. walk it out .. NEGATIVE .. I walked limping down the back roads of New Hampshire. Caught up in the negative webs my mind dug deeper into the black hole of negativity. 


Crying Selfie – HAAAAYYY – Negativity is not the answer
Until I thought back to over a year ago when I did the 100happydays challenge. What was good about today? 

What was good about today is I realized I have an amazing support system, friends who are always on my wave length, creepers who just want to know about my life, parents who will never give up on me, family who will always have my back, and a boyfriend who refuses to let me give up on my dreams and believes in our future. 
As I sit here and dive into my Advocare business and work towards helping others reach their goals, this is my life, this is what I want it to be. Today, I am taking action towards my dreams. I am going to be the best health and wellness coach I can be. 

Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone’s and everyone’s negativity. Your certainty must be greater than everyone’s doubt. 

Tell Me: What was positive about your day? What made you happy?

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