Day 27: Pittsfield, VT

After a quick stop to the Corning Glass Museum we said goodbye to our friends and head off to Vermont to spend the night with family right outside the Green Mountain National Forest.

We started our morning off with our own private tour of the museum. James is a glass blower and works for the Corning Museum.

It was pretty cool to experience all the pieces and exhibits with him and to get an understanding of the work and processes that go into making each one. And even to get some history.

From historical to contemporary to live demonstrations the museum is pretty cool. They also have the opportunity to make your own, which is the department James works in, so if you are ever in the area definitely go check that out (before you hit up all the breweries and wineries). He’s truly passionate about what he does so I’m sure you’ll take a lot more away than your glass work of art.

We said goodbye to our awesome hosts and hit the road.

Back to land of tolls, New England you are the worst with these outrageous tolls.

There wasn’t much along the drive, a few interesting places and fun facts of people who lived in certain towns. But, it may also be that we are so used to the New England that it is our ‘normal’ or baseline we compared everything too.

We passed through Rutland and approached our next stop.

We were really excited to be heading to Chris’s cousins house as Devin just had a baby girl about a month ago (she was our youngest wedding guest). They have a large amount of land right by the national forest and their house is super awesome and so are they.

After hanging out for a bit we headed off to dinner. Our waiter was slow and having an off night so the service was slow and we were there for a couple hours, but it was in great company so it wasn’t too big of a deal.

Seeing our friends and family makes slowly approaching reality and home a little bit easier. We spent the night chatting away watching Devin do her thang, and gave us a whole new appreciation for her as she truly is an amazing mom and homemaker.

Nighty night,


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