Monday Matters: Balanced Planning

Something I constantly struggle with is over-planning. I am an extremely detail oriented person and always always always have some sort of list or spreadsheet mapping out some plan.

As I’ve begun to change my life and truly live, I have realized that I also enjoy spontaneity and an adventure with no concrete destination. 

This lead me to my mental focus for the month of August: Balanced Planning

The Gem and I will soon be closing on our first home together and we couldn’t be more excited. 

I am pledging, that I will go with the flow of the way things happen. My Pinterest board of our condo is. It the end all be all, it is a base of ideas where we can build off of. I will not rush to get everything done at once, I will take it room by room and be patient. We will make this place our home and have an amazing time doing it. 


I will still make plans, life still obviously needs lists, spreadsheets, and itineraries – I mean who can just give up their Type A life!?! But I will take a step back, breathe, and not let my over-planning kill the magic. 

Balance. That’s the goal of life anyway, right? 

Do you over plan? Do you always just wing it? 

Breathe, live happy,

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