Monday Matters: It’s not Selfish to Invest in You & Week 2 Training

One week closer to the NYC Marathon!! Become a priority in your own life. Do things today that your future self will thank you for.


Rest Day


 3 Miles – well if you follow me on instagram (@JboldLivingHappy) you saw that Tuesdays run did not go so well. Only about half a mile in my left leg went numb from the shin down .. it was quite annoying and eventually got concerning when it didn’t go away. I did some run-walk segments and completed my 3 miles. 


4 Miles with Shane – holy humidity. It was 88 degrees out with some intense humidity. The rolling hills on the backroads of New Hampshire definitely did not help our situation. The bugs were defiantly having a grand old time dive-bombing into our faces. We got back to our house DRENCHED in sweat and in need of water for sure. Before heading of to a family dinner we hopped into the pool. I foam rolled on Tuesday night after the crappy run and wore different shoes and that definitely seems to have helped, but only time will tell if it comes back. 

Post Hill Sprint Deathhhh


Did not run 😠


Stretch/Rest Day


The temp had reached 98deg I decided to do my long run on Sunday


9 Miles – I mis judged some of the route so I had to wing it – definitely going to start planning a little better as the runs get longer. It was a beautiful day out, I did a little bit of walking at some points to properly rehydrate and fuel up. I’m working with different gels and timing to find the best fit for me. 

I didn’t have numbness at all this week, but after my long run I felt my feet. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily pain, but it was discomfort. 


After cooling off and chatting with my mum for a bit I decided I needed to make an investment in better running shoes for myself. I wasn’t going to go for color or style and I wasn’t going to look at the price. I know that my health and overall safety is very important so it was a no brainier to go to Runners Alley in Portsmouth, NH to have them help me out.

For some reason I was a little anxious about going (don’t ask me why I have no idea). As soon as I walked in I was instantly welcomed by two very friendly women. I immediately was relaxed as they walked me to the back towards the sneakers. 

Kelly was the woman who analyzed my running technique and my needs in a running shoe, she also asked me a series of questions to further narrow it down. After trying on, jogging in, and comparing about 7 different pairs of sneakers I narrowed it down to 2 pairs. I decided to go with the Brooks Adrenaline and with marathon training I will probably go back for the Mizuno Waves to rotate in my training. Kelly was absolutely amazing and supper patient with me! If you are in the New England region I highly recommend going there! They have a sincere passion for running and even gave me a few tips for the NYC Marathon. 


My new beauties 😍

So, this Monday’s Matter that Matters – INVEST IN YOURSELF! There are things in life that many people see as a cost, but they should really be seen as an investment. 
I’ve been injured in sports, I had an injury this time last year from running – I should have made the investment in new sneakers way earlier in my running journey. Although I didn’t always feel pain or discomfort wearing the wrong sneakers has slowly cause my arches to fall in. 

Your health and wellbeing should always be seen as an investment and not a cost. You are the most important thing in your life. Take the time to take care of yourself, make the changes, make the investment. You are worth it and you can afford it, trust me. 

Be happy, Run for fun,


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