Day 1 – Harrisburg, PA

Day 1 we logged 429 miles; our stopping point was Best Western Plus in Harrisburg, PA – right next to Hershey 🍫!

We haven’t quite gotten used to the whole “husband” and “wife” ordeal as we have referred to each other as fiancé/fiancée multiple times.

We traveled through states we have already thoroughly explored so the majority of the trek was familiar.

Gas Stop: Newtown, CT – Gas $3.09/gal – Gallon of H20 $2

The vast majority of our miles were spent on I84 to I81 at one point we were the only ones on the road for quite some time

Pretty unheard of on our usual commutes!! (Especially mine!)

Around 7:30pm we were SURROUNDED by tractor trailers and hit some pretty intense fog – we could barely see 50 feet in front of us. Eeek!

Our resting point was the Best Western in Harrisburg, PA

Checking out Hershey Park in the morning (quick drive by) and then we are off again.


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