Monday Matters: You Do You BooBoo

“Never be ashamed! There’s some who will hold it against you, but they are not worth bothering with.” — J. K. Rowling.

Maybe it is the law of attraction or maybe it is just the people I surround myself with, but more and more I see people, specifically woman doing their own thing – breaking the mold that we were once programed to fit.

I love it. You keep doin’ you booboo – follow your heart, don’t always follow what would look best on paper or what would look best in someone else’s mind.

I see people taking control of their lives to live the life they deserve.  Stepping out of the ordinary life game plan and developing something extraordinary.

Be you, be an original the world has enough copies.

One of the biggest things that has held me back from making so many decisions is what other people will think.  FEAR of what other people might say or think.

WASTE OF MY DAMN TIME! Let me tell you.

These people I was/am trying to please are minimal parts of my life and the ones from the past aren’t even around any more, but you know the one person who is consistently in my life that was let down by some of these decisions … ME.  I am the one I should be trying to please – I am the one that will live with my decisions and deal with the result.

A little while back I started doing CrossFit and I fell in love with it – I loved the way it made me feel, I loved the atmosphere, and I loved pushing my limits everyday. People in  my life would tell me to “be careful not to lift too heavy, you don’t want to get bulky or manly” or “ugh you fell into the cult” – looking back I scoff a these remarks, but at the time it cast so much doubt in my mind that it effected decisions I made I let the people get to me and cause me to hesitate my own life decisions. Now, I don’t do Crossfit for other reasons, but I still can’t believe I let everyone’s opinions influence my own.

My advice here today is, listen to your intuition, your gut instinct

Intuition – noun : the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

It shouldn’t be rocket science or something you have to mull over for hours or days on end. Andrea Owen explains what intuition looks like in her book 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life, “listening to your “aha” feelings even if they make no sense and don’t fit the picture of how you think things should be” or my favorite “taking action on what moves and inspires you rather than only making decisions based on what seems logical on paper”

This last one spoke to me, fitness has been my passion for a little over a year now, but my fear of what others thought has prevented me from acting on this passion and furthering my education and understanding of the field because I am overweight.

A dream of mine is to be a Life/Health Coach and obtain my personal training certification and maybe even one day own some sort of gym. And I will do this. Things happen for a reason and doors open when you speak life into your dreams.

Maybe this whole fitness studio thing will happen sooner than I ever would have thought.

So for now – I will study and research the best way to make my dreams a realty as I work on myself and getting my ass into shape.

Take action on your desires and dreams!

You want to shave your head, DO IT.


Walking into the salon to get this done I almost chickened out because I stopped and thought, “would my mom approve?” – yep, I’m 25, own a home, pay my own bills and I questioned what my mom would think.  While I value her opinion and advice very much, this is something I have wanted for a while, so I DID IT.

Fuck fear and what other people think – share your dreams and take action towards them !

Just do you booboo, Live Happy,

XoXo – J

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