#16IN16 Monthly Recap: January

Wowwwwzaaaa its February my friends!

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Looking back on this past month I am actually proud of myself and the work that I put in towards my goals.  It makes me so excited to see what this year has in store for me when I look at some of these goals and KNOW that I will reach and exceed them.

So, heres what I think I am going to do each month I will list out the highlights of the 16 goals, the first bullet will be what I did in January to help me reach these goals, and then the second bullet is what I am going to do in the upcoming month to take action towards my dreams.

  1. Lose 30 pounds by June
    • I haven’t done my measurements yet, but I am down 10.8 pounds!! I can ABSOLUTELY reach my 30 pound goal by or before June!
    • This month I am going to continue going to the gym consistently, continue with my healthy choices and nutrition. 
  2. Meal Prep on a regular basis 
    • I am actually very proud of myself on this one – I have been prepping on Sundays and occasionally filling some meal gaps mid-week.  I did have a few days this month where I was unprepared (working on Saturdays and last Friday)
    • I got a small whiteboard at Target that has the days of the week on it – on Sunday mornings I have been writing out my meals for the week and preparing my shopping list off of that, I will continue doing that this month
  3. Consistently Log on MyFitnessPal & Nutrition Supplement
    • I am wrapping up my 24 Day Challenge, and couldn’t be happier with the results as I said above 10.8 pounds .. WOW! I will be starting my Lean in 13 plan on Saturday – there were definitely days that logging my food slipped my mind (geeeeeerrrrrrr).
    • I set up reminders on my phone to be better at tracking, I don’t want to become obsessive over it, but I do want to use it to hold myself accountable and have added a few friends so they can help me too. Find me! My username is BolducJC
  4. Brush & Floss my teeth
    • Alright, I can’t even lie here … I haven’t been flossing regularly. I did start Coconut Oil Pulling and I honestly feel like I am noticing a difference.
    • I bought the little flossers and put a bag of them in my car to floss on my way to work – I WILL MAKE PROGRESS ON FLOSSING
  5. Take care of my skin
    • I have been washing my face regularly, but to be honest I need to do some research on how to care for my skin better – I started using night eye cream and I loved it … and then they discontinued that brand. Go figure. 
    • This coming month I will do more research and better understand the chaotic world of skincare. 
  6. Develop and build on my personal style
    • Definitely making more progress than I expected on this one – I have been putting outfits together the night before, and on days I didn’t I resorted to comfortable outfit choices that weren’t as put together as I would want them to be.
    • This month I will continue to lay outfits out the night before, but I am going to focus on putting myself together makeup wise – Trust me, I am not someone who cannot face the world without makeup, but I want to make more of an effort
  7. 5:10am wake up – 9:15/9:30m bed
    • Soooooooo 5:10am is still a work in progress I am working my way there 5:30 is where I am at these days
    • TV/Phone OFF at 9:15 to get to bed on time and work my way to 5:10 wakeup. 
  8. Use my Passion Planner
    • I have been using my passion planner to write down events and meetings, but not the mind maps
    • This month I will be using Sundays to work on setting goals and focusing on doing the tasks
  9. READ one personal growth book per month 
    • 52 Ways to Live a Kick Ass Life – Andrea Owen (a recap is coming!)
  10. Have PATIENTS
    • This one is absolutely falling into place and I think it has a lot to do with my mental state – I am feeling great with myself and my life and patients are coming naturally – in traffic on the other hand … progress can definitely be made here.
    • Continue to work towards this – when getting frustrated take deep breaths and think about how I am reacting and why
  11. Update and blog on a more regular basis
    • Wahhhh-Wahhhhhh – Y’all know this didn’t exactly happen how I wanted it to
    • Monday Matters every week, recap Kick-Ass Life book, NOLA half marathon recap!
  12. Map out and stick to a realistic budget
    • … No action taken
    • This month I will write out the Debt Buster System and get a grasp on my debt
  13. Run my fastest half marathon
    • I have been training and following my workout plan as I said I am not stressing over it I am just doing what I can and sticking to a plan
    • I am running a half this month, but I would like to stick to the plan I have chosen
  14. Pass my CAMS exam
    • No action taken …
    • This month I am going to set up a ‘syllabus’ for myself so I have something to follow and keep me accountable
  15. Be more positive at work
    • There were a few instances where I had to step back and take a breath after realizing I was getting negative. I downloaded a positive affirmation app that has actually been helping (I don’t really care how strange people think that is, I love Positive affirmations and think everyone should repeat them daily)
    • Continue with positive affirmations and surround myself with the positive people in the office, pull away from the negativity
  16. Get a new job
    •  I put my resume and some applications out there anddddddd I did have an interview! Eeek!
    •  This month I’ll continue to be successful and work hard at my current job, strengthen my resume and apply to jobs that interest me

I have so much energy and am so hyped up right now, because I believe in myself, I know I can do this.  I am surrounded by champions who lift me up on a daily basis and remind me that I am worth reaching these goals!

DO NOT BE AFRAID of failure, DO NOT let that hold you back from living this one life you have to its fullest potential.

“If you only do what you can do, you will never be better than you are now”

Happy February BEAUTIFUL people and as always – Live happy!



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