#16In16 Monthly Recap: February

February FLEW by, but definitely ended on a high note with the Rock n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon.  I am so glad I am blogging my new years resolutions/2016 goals there were a few times where I stayed on track simply because I didn’t want to have to publicly disappoint myself.  I am in a competition with myself each month and it is so much fun!

  1. Lose 30 pounds by June
    • February ended with a vacation .. eek I am down another 2 pounds which initially was EXTREMELY discouraging, but then I took my pictures and took my measurements and I was BLOWN away, there is no doubt in my mind some lbs of fat were replaced with muscle lbs.
    • This month I am going to continue going to the gym consistently – on March 7th I am starting T25 and commenting to the WHOLE program – I will continue with my healthy choices and nutrition. 

      Jan4 to Feb21
      I HIGHLY recommend taking monthly photos, they are very motivational!
  2. Meal Prep on a regular basis 
    • Besides the trip to NOLA and two days following I was on point with this. It is becoming a habit and something I look forward to doing throughout the week.  There were a few family events on Sundays so rather than one major meal prep day a week there were small preps throughout the week.
    • I will continue to plan out my meals on Sundays and go grocery shopping for everything I need. I will pack my lunches the night before to make it easier on myself.
  3. Consistently Log on MyFitnessPal & Nutrition Supplement
    • Definitely disappointed on the logging my food aspect – I didn’t take any time for myself to log my food, but took my supplements regularly (even on vacation)
    • Logging my food into MyFitness Pal will be a focus for me this month. Find me! My username is BolducJC
  4. Brush & Floss my teeth
    • The flossers in my car worked! I keep them in view so I remember to floss on my way to work, SUCCESS!
    • Continue to floss every morning – keep on brushin
  5. Take care of my skin
    • Okay HIIIIIIII – am amazing woman at work recommended Mary Kay’s Clear Proof acne system and I am honestly obsessed with it. Acne has been a problem for me my whole life ranging from dry flakyness to grease ball central and this has maintained a perfect balance for me. Once I have been using it for a month I will definitely share photos. I highly recommend it – they have a small trial pack that has lasted three weeks now and is only about $20 or less.
    • Continue with the Clearproof system and use Elf brand makeup – throw away old brushes and makeup
  6. Develop and build on my personal style
    • Ayyyoooo – This girl is putting some outfits together and actually having fun with it! When I feel and look put together I am 100% more confident.
    • With my new gym schedule I take the time the night before to pack my outfit for the next day. I will say some days are better than others so I will continue to improve!
  7. 5:10am wake up – 9:15/9:30pm bed
    • I am actually going to adjust this goal – I have been getting up at 4:22 to make it to the gym by 5:20 – I will keep the going to bed time around the same (9:30am)
    • 4:22am wake up – 9:30pm bed time
  8. Use my Passion Planner
    • On the plane ride home I worked on my mind maps, and have been looking at my planner daily
    • Be more consistent using the mind maps, plan my week ahead on Sundays – block off my workout times and times I plan to focus on my business.
  9. READ one personal growth book per month 
    • I am ashamed to say, I didn’t read personal growth book, but I did finish a non-fiction book!
    • Up this month – I am That Girl: Alexis Jones
  10. Have PATIENTS
    • As I think I said last month, this has everything to do with my mental state – there are ties I need to take a step back and breathe and pause, but for the most part the patients are coming naturally.
    • Make conscious efforts to process a response before reacting and thank of what is frustrating me in these situations.
  11. Update and blog on a more regular basis
    • Making progress for sure!
    • Monday Matters every week, continue to work on NOLA half marathon recap and a NOLA vacation post!
  12. Map out and stick to a realistic budget
    • … No action taken
    • I will and need to make a financial plan, I also want to LIVE in my 20s – this is driving me to be more active with Advocare.
  13. Run my fastest half marathon
    • I ran a half marathon .. wasn’t my fastest, but my legs felt much stronger than they have in the past and had minimal soreness in the days following
    • Adding in more sprint workouts and short and fast runs – not many long runs this month as I am not training for anything and want to focus on building more muscle.
  14. Pass my CAMS exam
    • I did LOOK at the study guide, but a big ol’ no action taken …
    • Take the guide to Staples and get it bound – map out a plan to study and pick a test date.
  15. Be more positive at work
    • Being out on vacation sure did help this one, and it was much needed to leave for a few days – listening to music throughout the day and blocking out nonsense has absolutely made a difference.  Working out before going into work also starts the day on a great foot.
    • Surround myself with the positive people in the office, pull away from the negativity.
  16. Get a new job
    •  I have applied to a few jobs, and have been doing some research on potential career change in the distant future
    •  Strengthen and refine my skills in my current position – continue to do research on my wellness coach certification and life coaching paths. 

No excuses – March is going to be all about action.  Taking huge steps tapered my goal and dreams.  I am going to put myself out there more, by that I mean being okay with being uncomfortable I need to push myself further to become the person I want to be.  Stronger, faster, more positive – self doubt will continue to vanish as self-love and motivation take over.

Lets go! We are Marchin’ – hahaha okay okay sorry.

Take action, live happy,


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