Be Proud, Be Better than Yourself

HAPPY JULY 1st beautiful people!Permanent grin on this girls face today because .. Progress 🙌

I’m working on a better version of myself, but this doesn’t mean I am not proud of the old one – I KNOW I can do better and every month I get a little bit better. 

Sometimes we have our heads down plugging away we forget to sit back and take a moment to see how far we have come. 

So you aren’t “skinny”, so you have fat, so you don’t have the muscle tone of a bikini competitor – WHO CARES they aren’t you, they aren’t on your journey – BE PROUD! 

Monthly photo check ins not only hold me accountable, but they give me the opportunity to look and see how far I have come and allow me to take the moment and be proud of myself. 

Never compre your journey to others, only your own – be better than you were yesterday! 

How do you hold yourself accountable?

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