& the adventure begins ..

After the greatest day of our lives ..

we are setting off on an adventure around the United States!

Today we geared up my 2014 Subaru Crosstrek and packed for the journey ahead.

Figuring out the right clothes to bring for each part of the country was interesting.. well I mean mostly just for me .. okay fine I had trouble narrowing down my 100 mounds of clothes and sticking to my two (I snuck in a third) bags I promised Chris.

Before leaving – we made a quick stop over to Exeter Subaru (New Hampshire) to have them give Subiee a once over. With over 105,000 miles already under her belt a little extra love won’t hurt.

andddd good thing we did. Plugged a small nail hole in the tire, replaced the battery, some fresh front breaks … good to go!

Check back throughout the next month for a few words, but mostly pictures of our journey.

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