This Magic Moment

There was a time in my life that I had not idea what living in the moment meant.

Once I graduated high school and had more time I was going to explore and go on crazy adventures .. then college came .. once I graduated college I was going to begin the perfect workout regimen .. then grad school came.  Once the weather was nicer I was going to start running .. then it was too hot .. once I felt like I had my life together I would begin helping others .. will by life really be ‘all together’. Uhhh, NO!

The timing for these things was ‘never right’ and I was always in such a hurry to move on to the next thing (I still do this sometimes).  I missed out on so many amazing memories in life obsessing over what is next.

There is never going to be the perfect time for anything, life is going to continue to pass, there is no going back.

You are not going to have control over everything and every situation, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. We can control how we react and our mentality towards the situation.  Live in the moment, don’t dwell on the past.  Yesterday was not a good day for me – there was a consistent series of things that blocked my path of a great day, I woke up this morning and started obsessing over yesterday and creating more problems that didn’t even happen yet in my head.

I walked into crossfit complaining about endless things.  Towards the beginning of the workout somehow the conversation turned to age – phrases like “it’s all downhill from here” and “all the exciting ages are over” were thrown around.

After telling us how old he was our coach said that he felt like life was just beginning for him.  Honestly shocked that he was actually in his 30s, I absolutely believe that this is the way he lives his life.  I mean I can’t speak for him, but from what I can tell this is all about his mentality. He constantly has a positive mindset and definitely seems to let life unfold.

My negative mind started to fade away. I have missed out on some great things today dwelling on stupid shit that happened yesterday and I can’t even change. Why am I taking this day, this moment for granted!?

Who cares how old I am?  Age is a number that I will not allow control my mentality. Something I have learned in some pretty tough ways lately is that life is SO short.  There is no way to know what tomorrow is going to bring.  All you really have is this moment you are in right now, take advantage of it.

Moving forward I am going to treasure the little things that life brings, I will live for every moment and not constantly rushing and obsessing over what is next. I am going to continue to carry out my passion of helping others on their journies as well.

Think about the person you want to be, the places you want to go, the life you want to live.. DO IT.

Be fearless, be bold. Your life is happening now, live it.

What are you going to pledge to do moving forward?

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