Recommitting to #16in16 Monthly Recap: October

After May/June I faded out – like most people to I lost track of my goals and lost track of the time flying by.

I woke up in October and realized it was almost November.

I am extremely frustrated with myself and so mad that I let the time fly by and began questioning how the heck I lost sight of my goals and what I truly wanted.

I took a step back, I back tracked and retraced my steps .. I got comfortable.

After losing some of my goal weight, attaining some of the successes I had wanted I coasted. I let the hole I was digging in the sand fill back up.

The sand analogy is one I used when trying to describe this journey of weight loss and fitness I am on.  I am digging the hole and doing so well I stop, take a breath and sip some water and when I go back 25% of my work was filled back in and I have to dig through that to get further – that is how I feel on this journey.

Going forward it isn’t going to be 25% filling back in when I stop for a breather, it will be 20%, then 15%, then 10% – with time I will improve I will continue to step outside of my comfort zone when I get uncomfortable.

A new gym and accountability buddy has significantly upped my motivation and success rate, the gem has started joining me – him being on this journey with me is a whole lot easier – meal prep wise, emotionally (sometimes), and accountability wise.

So .. I am getting back to the monthly recaps now and weekly posts of tips or Monday matters bursts of inspiration!


#16in16 October Recap

  1. Lose 1 Pound Per Week (*Updated Goal)
    • 30 pounds by June didn’t happen, but I have a whole new set of weight loss and fitness goals that I am 100% committed to (I’ll be sharing my goal board on Monday)
    • The gem and I have started a weight lifting program – I am working to get my heart rate into the fat burning zone more and trying to balance out the cardio and weight lifting programs.  This month Core de Force comes out and that will be my PM workout program! 
  2. Meal Prep on a regular basis 
    • I have started talking to a nutritionist and have simplified my meal plans! I am not getting bored like I always thought I would!
    • Sundays – Lunch meal prep for the week and baggie up my snacks – I put each day together in the fridge and simply grab & go in the morning – this is my second week doing it so I plan to continue on this regimen to get it to be a habit!
  3. Consistently Log on MyFitnessPal & Nutrition Supplementation
    • Working on this one! Weekends have been rough login wise.
    • It is so true that writing down or keeping track of what you are putting into your body makes you think a little more – when you translate 3,500 calories into a pound it has made me think more about my food choices. (MyFitnessPal username is BolducJC)
  4. Brush & Floss my teeth
    • Brush when getting to work, floss on the way, brush before bed – repeat!
  5. Take care of my skin
    • Continuing on with the Clear Proof System – and have recently added R&F eye cream to my night time routine to work on my dark circles
    • Daily morning Clear Proof system, gallon a day of water, face wipes immediately after PM workout, pre-bed eye cream.
  6. Develop and build on my personal style
    • I am so proud of myself for actually getting better at this! Sometimes I get a little lay still, but I don’t actually look as lazy as I used to when that happens!
    • As always I highly recommend StitchFix if this is one of your goals too! You get a $25 credit when you refer a friend, use my link: here
    • Recently have added some new fall clothes to my work outfits and new clothes to my weekend mix!
  7. 4:40am wake up – 9:30pm bed
    • The gem has been a huge help in keeping me accountable to get up for the gym, he doesn’t allow me any excuses!
    • PUSHING to get myself up a few mins earlier to get out the door by 5:10! 
  8. Use my Passion Planner
    • I need to overhaul this and get a new Passion Planner – I don’t use it as much as I should
    • In January I need to re-order one and get the smaller sized one this time. I need to take the time on Monday mornings to sit down and block off the time for workouts, plans, personal growth, etc. 
  9. READ one personal growth book per month 
    • … This is definitely part of my demise the past few months .. NOTHING new to report here .. at all
    • No Excuses – Brian Tracy will be finished next month!
  10. Have PATIENTS
    • I am getting better for sure
    • Continue to breathe through frustrating situations. 
  11. Update and blog on a more regular basis
    • A few updates here and there – more regular posts and content can be found on my Instagram @JboldLivingHappy
    • Monday Matters, revamping my Instagram and planning it out a little more in the future – monthly recaps WILL be consistent!
  12. Map out and stick to a realistic budget
    • I have been getting A LOT better about this
    • Using one account solely for non-bill spending purposes ha forced me to budget my spending money and make better financial decisions.
  13. Run my fastest half marathon
    • …. stay tuned. 
  14. Pass my CAMS exam
    • The date has been scheduled and I am taking it next month!
    • CRAM TIME!
  15. Be more positive at work
    • I moved to a new office and have been better about keeping frustrations to myself and staying focused on me
    • I communicate better and am working towards being a positive force in the office. 
  16. Get a new job
    • I moved to a new office, same job, just a new office – and am working towards developing my career.
    •  For now, I continue to strengthen my skills in my current position and take action towards my CAMS. 

November is my absolute favorite month – and I am really looking forward to an upcoming trip to Vegas to run the Rock n’ Roll Half!

Hello November.

Live happy, be healthy,


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