Day 8: Bryce, UT

We started our day in Vegas and ended right outside of Bryce Canyon with a little pit stop at Subaru Las Vegas. Stopping for a hike in Zion left us with 267 miles traveled.

When in Vegas …

Chris won $80 so we left hahaha.

We stopped at Las Vegas Subaru for an oil change and fluids check. Everything looked great for Subie! This was an awesome Subaru dealership, it was huge with a big customer cafe, kids area and tons of swag.

We hit the road for Zion, we stopped for lunch in Mesquite, NV at a little bar and Grille called Wedgie’s right across from a golf course.

Gas Stop: Mesquite, NV $3.29/gal

A chunk of our travels were heading back from the roads we traveled to Vegas, but once we got off the main highway we were back to more gorgeous views.

The town leading in to Zion is awesome there are tons of shops, restaurants, places to park, etc. There is a shuttle from all these parking lots as well, but we chose to just drive straight to the park.

We just started using our GoPro and are pretty mad at ourselves for not using it sooner/ getting a memory card sooner because this thing is amazing. The quality of the photos are significantly better and we have lots of video we can cut and get pics from.

We stopped at the visitors center to get our cancellation stamp and find the best hiking path for us. There are a ton of hiking options from easy to expert. We opted for an easy/intermediate one.

We had a TON of fun. Chris was identifying animal scat (haha) and checking out different animal homes along the way.

The views were absolutely amazing driving through Zion to get to Bryce – where we were staying – and speak for themselves so here you go ..

We made it to our campsite which was a little less than 2 hours away. We stayed at Ruby’s campground and RV park and had enough time to pitch the tent and rearrange the car a little.

It dropped to about 45 degrees over night, but it wasn’t bad at all. We really enjoyed it. While we were just lounging talking about our plans for the upcoming two days our videographer sent us this trailer video from our wedding. It had tears in both of our eyes we hope you enjoy it ..

Wedding Video Trailer

Happy campers we are,


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Bryce, UT

  1. awesome! So proud of your camping skills. GoPro pictures are fantastic! Wedding video was amazing g! Such a wonderful day celebrating the two of you. 💙


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