Day 20: Minneapolis, MN

Today mostly consisted of driving, we hit the road bright and early and made it to Minneapolis checking another ballpark off of our bucket list.

Our day started around 6am. Our hotel was not the fanciest at all so breakfast was a bowl of cereal for me and a muffin for Chris. I was happy to be leaving that one behind.

The drive wasn’t too bad, mostly along the same road the entire time and pretty much all highway. Nothing to write home about.

Gas Stop: Worthington, MN $2.85/gal – $1.99/gal

We made it to Minnesota and soon Minneapolis.

We arrived about an hour before the Twins game so we headed straight to the field. It was 100x easier to park and 100x cheaper than Fenway and the parking garage is literally attached to Target field.

We had first row club level seats for only $30 each .. which has an indoor seating area option and access to all the food places.

This park is definitely centered around the fans experience. With plenty of space to walk around outdoors and places to go within the ballpark if the game isn’t keeping your attention.

Something we’ve noticed by going to quite a few ballparks over the last couple years is the seats at each. A lot have updated their seats to be more comfortable and have padding in the nicer sections. Something parks like Fenway have yet to really do. We get it’s the lure to be in a park that hasn’t really changed in 100 years but they should upgrade a little bit for the people who aren’t just going once for the Fenway experience.

We didn’t happen to explore enough to see it, but they even had a playground inside the park for kids.

There are a wide variety of food options here for sure

(I had Chris insert all the above about the park as he is the baseball expert here).

Our hotel was right down the street from the field and it was a breath of fresh air walking into this one.

Finally a nice place to stay!

We ended up with a corner room with a view of the field and the city. PRICELINE FOR THE WIN AGAIN! We paid less than half, maybe less than a third of what this room was supposed to cost.

We sat down to figure out the next few days of our trip and make sure we were hitting all of the spots we wanted to in reasonable amounts of time.

My friend Kristen, who recently did her own road trip around the country, warned me about a post trip depression and as time winds down I’m already feeling it – so I’m glad we have a couple days before I hear back to work.

We set off to explore the city and realized t was Sunday and things we starting to close. We chose City Works Minneapolis for dinner. A huge selection of local beers and ciders.

While the service was slow the food and drinks were delicious.

We walked back to our fancy hotel and enjoyed a relaxing night watching TV.

Until next time Minneapolis,


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