Day 21: Copper Harbor, MI

Back in the Eastern Time Zone (sad face). Lots of miles logged today with a little pit stop for a minor car fix, ending in the cutest place overlooking Lake Superior.

We started our day stopping in for doughnuts at Bogarts Doughnut Co.

Both of us were big fans of the Nutella filled doughnut with the Brown Butter coming in as a really close second for me.

On our way to the highway we passed the US Bank Stadium where the Vikings play, so we stopped to check it out for a brief moment.

The stadium looked like a great place to see a game or concert.

It was a little bit of a change of scenery on this morning’s hike. Today’s couple mile trek was through the fabulous Mall of America. This place was HUGE, there are multiples of stores on different levels, numerous restaurants, and a casual amusement park in the middle..

We did a lap around each floor, picked up a couple fresh shirts for the remainder of the trip, and had a quick lunch which ended up being about a 2 hour ordeal.

We had lunch at Freshii on the third level – It was delicious and just what we needed. I’ve been looking for a juice place so was pumped to see they had fresh cold pressed juices.

I then took on the 7 hour drive to Copper Harbor, Michigan while Chris made reservations and made a rough plan for routes to take the next few days. We didn’t take many major interstates and mostly took state routes which made for a better experience seeing a variety of towns and history.

Back in Vegas at the Subaru dealership one of the mechanics had warned us that it wouldn’t be a big deal, but on consecutive days of high milage when our next oil change is approaching we may need to add a quart of oil. Sure enough on our drive the low oil level light came on and stayed on. We looked up the closest NAPA and picked up some oil right away.

I checked the oil and oil level and it was definitely lower. This girl has got over 113,000 miles on her these days and is absolutely killing it. We let Subie cool down for a few minutes and took the time to re-arrange some things in the car.

On the road againnnn 🎶

The drive wasn’t bad at all. We had a lot of great life conversations and got hyped up about the next couple days. We are really looking forward to tomorrow’s national park, the least visited one of all of them.

From bridges to mines there was no shortage of beautiful scenery.

This picture above was taken around 9:00pm and it was still that bright out .. amazing.

The last bulk of miles were on Michigan backroads which reminded us a lot of New Hampshire backroads. Winding and rolling hills with the occasional deer darting out into the road, back to the woods, and back out again.

We arrived at our motel a little after 10pmEST and it was the cutest place. Our room opened right up to Lake Superior and it was absolutely perfect.

Bella Vista in Copper Harbor Michigan – we highly recommend it and wish we planned to stay here for a couple nights.

We will be spending our night enjoying this calm and doing a little online house hunting – looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure.

Anchors away,


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