Day 30: South Berwick, ME

Well, here we are writing our final day’s recap of our 30 day honeymoon adventure. Today we visited a few spots in Maine ending where our married life officially began.

We headed off to Maine first thing in the morning. Driving through Portsmouth and crossing over a couple bridges.

It was a gorgeous day and the sky was picturesque. We stopped in South Portland and walked out to the lighthouse.

It was THE PERFECT day with great weather and clear skies. We stood there and looked off in the distance for a few minutes before heading to downtown Portland.

We wandered around downtown Portland for about an hour and stopped into a small restaurant for lunch.

Gilbert’s. Downtown Portland has lots of small restaurants to chose from primarily seafood and ice cream.

I’m loving all these corn chowder specials!

It was an adorable little place with indoor and outdoor seating. Most of the servers were on their phones the whole time we were there (and this picture happens to capture that).

We aren’t seafood fans so hot dogs and a chicken sandwich it was.

Afterwards we headed back to the car and decided to take Route 1 home, driving along the coast.

I thought we were headed straight to his hair appointment, but the Gem ended up bringing us to South Berwick, specifically The Red Barn at Outlook Farm where we got married.

“We are going in” he said “You can’t just walk in places” I snapped.

And in we went haha.

It was amazing to be back a month later. “That’s where I did my first look with my dad”, “remember the ice cream station”, the Bohemian Rhapsody night cap, etc. it was seriously the best day of our lives and it flew by way too fast. We cannot wait for our pictures and for our video. This makes me so glad we decided to go with a videographer – I’ve watched our preview clip 20 times and will definitely watch the full video numerous times when we get it.

Our wedding coordinator Carlee ended up being there, she is seriously the best and made our day 100 times better than we could have imagined. We caught up for a little bit and can’t wait to hangout with her again soon! Alsooooo she goes to Orangetheory too!

It was the perfect ending to an absolutely amazing trip. We cannot believe it is over like our wedding day, this whole trip flew by.

We thank you so much for following along with us. As we make a photo book of the trip and relive each day I am still in awe of the beauty of our country and hope that you were able to get a glimpse of that through our blog.

We plan to continue to explore the country and share our adventures – with another big road trip next year and smaller ones in between and lots of hikes are on our list.

Thank you so much we love you all – stay tuned the adventure has only just begun

So much love,

The Wandering Jablonski’s

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