Day 29: Newmarket, NH

We took a little detour back home, but tomorrow off to our true last day of this cross country adventure.

Chris’s dad has been in the hospital for a few days, while it’s only a minor ordeal he is someone very important to us and we were close enough where we wanted to detour and spend the day with family.

We stopped in and visited for a few. To give him some time to rest we went for some lunch with Chris’ mum.

She took us to Two Home Cooks in Dover, NH – it was a small little place, but it was delicious with a great staff. Chris had the Waffle BLT and I had an Apple, Ham, Egg sandwich. Chris’s mom got a blueberry pancake.

We went back to the hospital for a couple hours.

We headed back to Chris’s parents and brought all of our clothes in to do a few loads of laundry. Unloading one bag at a time and slowly unloading the car made it feel less depressing.

For dinner Chris’s cousin had come to visit so we decided to surprise their grandmother.

We picked Newick’s Seafood. Neither Chris or I eat seafood so we can’t review the seafood here, but the rest of the fam says it’s good!

I stared with a corn chowder. Corn chowder is probably my favorite comfort food, and this cup did not disappoint. And it passed the spoon chowder test! (Stick the spoon in the middle and see if it stays when you let go)

Chris and I both got the steak tips, for a seafood spot they were pretty good.

Means are always ten times better with good company.

We headed our separate ways and Chris and I decided to go big for our one month wedding anniversary with ice cream from Hodgies .. well it’s called the Wright Place now, but we will forever call it Hodgies.

Now, if you go here know that a “two scoop” sundae is not just two basic scoops. They are two heaping piles of ice cream.

See what I mean!? This is “two scoops”.

Talk about food coma, but no regrets. Live ya life.

Cheers to one last day tomorrow!


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