Blank Pages

“Every day is an open page
A brand new start, a fresh clean slate given to me
Now it’s up to me find my best and lose my worst”

Love and Theft – “World Wide Open”

Tonight I went for a quick little 2 mile run around the park before my slow-pitch softball game. It is EXTREMELY RARE for me to listen to music when I run, but for some reason today I decided to do it. I am sure this little quote will come up a lot in my posts, but I’m a firm believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’.  Today this gem came through my headphones validating it. 
This song by Love and Theft came on and I absolutely loved the lyrics.  Any song that game on after was just kind of there while I continued to run and reflect on the lyrics above. It is absolute true. Every single day of your life is an open blank page waiting for you. What ever happened in the chapters before or even on the last page is over and done with. The page you are on is the most important. Don’t look back and don’t try to rush through to the end, nothing is certain in the pages in front of you anyway. 
Every day you make a choice. You chose to be happy or you chose to dig yourself into a negative ditch. Sure sometimes we can’t control the things that happen to us, but we can chose how we react to them. If you are in a slump, YOU and YOUR MIND are the only things that can pull you out of it. It is up to you to find your best self and to find your own happiness. 
Whatever happened today or whatever has happened in your past should stay in those chapters we have already been through. Know that every page is an opportunity and every day you can start fresh. 
Tomorrow is a new day, choose happiness!



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