Monday Matters: #CelebrateYoself

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t” – Steve Maraboli

As you know I now love running, but after becoming a ‘retired college athlete’ I realized I was missing something from my fitness adventures. At this point in my journey I felt I needed something with a team aspect, but where I could also be independent at work on my own, I wanted to be supported not judged, but I also wanted a coach – needy, needy, ehy?

Insert Crossfit: NEVER in my life would I have thought that this is something I would do. As an outsider looking in I was beyond intimidated and scared of what I thought went on.  As with anything there is so much information out there – and LOTS of opinionated people writing that information. I am not trying to convince anyone to ‘drink the Crossfit Koolaid’ and I can’t speak for every Box (Crossfit gym) out there, but I have personally found it to be a very rewarding experience. What I am suggesting tho is that you get out there, try new things, and form your own opinion before you write it off.  

It has taken me a while to come to the life realization that nothing is a one size fits all deal; what may be the perfect fit or perfect combo for you, may be worst case scenario for someone else. It is absolutely clear that every box is different whether it be the programming, the coaches, the environment, even the methods used.

My first month at Crossfit I still had hesitations and wasn’t as open minded as I wanted to be. A few months have passed since I started and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I was completely wrong about Crossfit before. I have not only physically pushed myself, but mentally I have grown and challenged myself as well. 

One of the many ways I am growing is through a challenge going on within Crossfit Craic – within this challenge is a mini challenge to post something amazing about myself (YIKES) soooo here I go:

Something amazing about myself is that I walked through that door and I stuck with it. I have come so far in my journey and am so proud to walk through that door and push myself every single class. There are days where I am intimidated by the talent I am surrounded by, but I have never quit. 

I am proud of the changes I am seeing in myself and my strength. 

I am not afraid to celebrate myself and minor victories. With celebrating yourself comes celebrating the people who helped you get there.  

Two amazing coaches in particular have helped me to push through some personal walls. I don’t even think they have any idea how much their faith and support has helped me. Their dedication to everyone’s personal goals is simply amazing. I am so proud and excited to be slowly becoming part of the Craic family. 

One coach has constantly taught me to stop analyzing everything – fear, frustration, stress – mean nothing, just get aggressive and give it all you’ve got. 

Always take pride in what you have accomplished, but know there are always more challenges and personal developments ahead.   

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