Friday Five: Recovering Scale Addict

Hi I’m Jillian and I am a Scale-oholic.

'Only' a 6 pound weight loss, but 13 inches and a whole lot of non-scale victories!
‘Only’ a 6 pound weight loss-13 inches are gone and a whole lot of non-scale victories were celebrated!
If you are on a weight-loss journey or going through a weight-loss struggle I need you to know two things: first, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and second you are WAY more important than the number on the scale. Seriously, its just a number.

I have been one of the worst offenders of obsessing over the scale.  There was a point where I was weighing myself multiple times per day sometimes using multiple scales ‘just to be sure’.   It was one of the most unhealthy obsessions that led to negativity, unhappiness and even depression.

Some MOST mornings stepping on the scale would ruin the rest of my day.  A slight .2 pound gain  and I would be SO mad at myself- starting the day with such negativity led me on a path to even more negativity that continued throughout the day.  In reality, I could have sneezed, got back on the scale and I would have lost that .2 pounds (okay so maybe thats a slight exaggeration), but the point is your weight fluctuates so much throughout the day, week, months (ladies especially here).

On days like those where I saw even the slightest increase or no movement at all I would skip meals, eat less, and not pay attention to what my body needed.  This was the complete opposite of what I needed to do – keeping nutrition on point is key – your body needs food and starvation leads to destruction all to see a stupid number change.  Sure, that number would go down, but I was far from healthy. In some cases this fixation with the number on the scale can lead to obsessive behaviors, low self esteem, a horrible relationship with yourself, or even eating disorders.

Yes, the scale can be a helpful tool to track your progress, however it should not be the only asset you have in your toolbox.

I still use the scale, but I try to no longer allow myself to get caught up in the number – relapses happen – but it is what we do after we fall that defines us.

This number on the scale does not define you, back away from the scale, the scale is not your ultimate measure of success by any means.

Five tools for your ‘weightloss’ tool box:

  1. Progress Pictures
    • My personal favorite– every so often take pictures of yourself in the same clothes at the same angles/poses and put them side by side (you don’t have to share them with anyone they are for your own personal use). I started doing these when I started my 24 Day Challenge in October – I plan to do them every 90 days when I start my challenges
  2. Tape Measure
    • Fat takes up more space in your body than muscle does
    • Some suggested areas to take note of – Waist, hips, thighs, chest RIP booobs 😦, calves, arms.
  3. Performance Changes
    • Do you find every day tasks to be getting easier? Are you able to lift more? Are you able to get in more reps? Is your endurance increasing? Are you a little less winded going up the stairs?
  4. Clothes Fitting
    • Are your pants fitting looser? Do you have a little more room in that T-Shirt? Do you fit into a dress you haven’t been comfortable in in ages?
  5. How You Feel
    • Do you feel healthier? Is your energy level increasing? Do you see changes in your moods? Do your find yourself making healthier choices?
    • Are others giving you complements? – don’t brush them off be proud and accept them!

Some of my truly amazing Advocare journeymates as I like to call them have helped me to become a HUGE believer in celebrating non-scale victories – no matter what your relationship is with the scale appreciate every single non-scale victory along the way. CELEBRATE AND LOVE YOURSELF!


May 26th I am running a ‘For the Love of Yourself/Health’ Challenge with daily e-mails of positivity and self love challenges – contact me if you would like to participate!

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