Monday Matters: Who Deserves Your Time?

“Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams and applaud your victories” Everyone else should just be passing through.  

Leaders <3

Did you know you become the five people you spend the most time with?

Think about the five people you spend the most time with. You are an average each of those people.

Take a step back and think about it, I mean really think about the value these people add to your life.  Good qualities and bad these people influence your life just as much as you influence theres – happiness, positivity, passion, drive, dishonest, miserable, complacent – be selective.

Tonight I was co-hosting an event with a friend of mine – as I am standing in front of a room full of people listening to fellow leaders talk I had to take a step back.  I looked to my left, my right, and to those sitting infant of me and I was in awe.

My life is filled with the most amazing people, these people believe in me and my dreams, these people help me to improve every single day of my life, these people are helping me to achieve my dreams and live the greatest life possible.

Some drove over 2 hours from Connecticut to New Hampshire for a 1.5 hour event to support us.  What is mind blowing to be is a few months ago I didn’t even know most of these people.  We had never crossed paths and without the opportunities Advocare has to offer I never would have met any of these people. The people have become my family. I choose every day to have these people in my life.

THESE are my people <3
THESE are my people ❤
At this event I stood in front of a large group of people and I spoke, I spoke from my heart and I was 100% transparent (there were tears).  This woman I have become WAS NOT me a year ago. I used to be terrified to be myself, afraid people wouldn’t like me, and I have to tell you that is NOT living.  Remember to be true to who you are and you want to be and seek out the people that will help you get there.

When you allow negativity in your life, even just the slightest bit, trust me when I tell you it is going to stay there, eventually it will become normal to you and then start pulling you down. DO NOT LET IT.  This isn’t easy, but remember you are in control, shine and shine bright!

On my journey towards a happier life I have absolutely lost some ‘friends’.  When you realize that someone who was so close to you had little to no positive inference on you it can be devastating, but I have realized I can no longer allow negative people to waste my time or energy. Friends are not people who judge you, lie to you, or belittle you. Remove the negativity. Keep and build on the positive.

Every day you wake up and make a choice – are you going to choose happiness or are you going to let the negativity drag you down. This is your life, live it the way you deserve to live it. Your time to live is shorter than you think – think about what you want your life to be – are the people currently in your life ones that are going to lift you up, bring happiness, or add value to your life. If not, let them go.

Surround yourself with like-minded people, build your own community of people who inspire, uplift, and care about you – I promise your life will dramatically change.  Life isn’t a journey to take on alone, I am here for you always.

Tomorrow is a new day. You can and you will accomplish your goals. End of story.
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