Monday Matters: Tie it to a Goal

“If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal. Not to people or things” – Albert Einstein 

Nothing is impossible unless you allow it to be. If you believe in yourself and the process and tie it to action you can achieve it. You will be tested along the way, there will be people or elements trying to pull you down, you will question if it’s worth it, you may even consider quitting for a moment – DON’T! Fight for your goals, fight for your dreams. 

Have you heard about Harriette Thompson? If you haven’t you should absolutely look up her story. She recently became the oldest woman in the world to complete a marathon and she did it in under 7 1/2 hours!! This cancer survivor was not always a runner she started running again in her 70s…! She has run in every Rock n Roll San Diego since 1999 (except for the year she was in chemo). Simply amazing – it is never too late!

I truly believe in the power of earning – the satisfaction, pride, and sense of accomplishment you get rather than it simply being given is unmatched. Excuses, doubts, wishs have no place in becoming the greatest version of ourselves. 

We make our dreams reality through our goals, goals are a part of every aspect of our lives and are extremely important. Sometimes we set these goals with the greatest intentions and somehow, someway they get lost in the chaos of life and we either feel like we have failed or we forget about them all together. Sooo how about that New Years resolution?

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting:

SMART goal setting is nothing new. This simple outline provides structure and accountability. Writing your goals and the following down on paper and tying it all together with action is the perfect set up for success. 

SPECIFIC – clearly define what it is you want to accomplish – cover all your bases: Who? What? Where? When? & perhaps one of the most crucial WHY? 

MEASURABLE – how will you determine whether or not you have reached your goal or are making progress? What tasks will be accomplished along the way to track progress? How much? How often?

ATTAINABLE – be realistic, do you have or can you get the resources needed to accomplish this goal? Will the actions I plan to take work towards success?

RELEVANT – do YOU actually want to achieve this goal or does someone else want you to? Are you willing to commit the time and energy necessary to complete this? 

TIME-BASED – what is your deadline to reach this goal? What steps will you take?

Goals help to make a huge daunting dream a GPS guided journey, quirks and detours included .. But you get the point – steps rather than a cliff jump. Going through this process of writing your goals down helps you to realize what you truly want and what you are willing to do to get there. 

Let’s live our lives to the fullest. YOU can do this, I believe in you and am here to support you!

I am committing to myself to write out everything I put on my dream board for the year 2015 in this specific format – any goal I make will follow this format from now on. 

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