Day 4: Oklahoma City, OK

Day 4’s travels ended in Oklahoma City after 527 miles; taking us through lots of flat land, an interesting weather system, with a huge ray of sunshine in our day with a little somethin’ somethin’ from our wedding photographer.

We hit the road bright and early leaving St. Louis behind. It was so quiet leaving the city, and calm – it made me realize how chaotic and hectic my normal commute is and I’m jealous. We plugged in our next stop and up pops “continue for 430 miles” on the same darn road. Oyyy.

We decided to get breakfast along the way – Yelp, Pinterest, and random google searches have brought us to quite a few of our local spots we visit. And led us to this diner in Cuba, MO – Dottie’s

Naturally I got the steak and eggs breakfast.. a great choice to stop at.

There were DEA agents and police officers all along this route as we passed the Ozark area signs. (Watch the TV show this will all make more sense)

Gas Stop: Cuba, MO – $2.79/gal

We passed through Uranus which is home to a fudge factory .. I’ll just leave that alone.

I was all about stopping, but Chris ‘forgot’ to take the exit.

This (above) is Waynesville, MO along old Route 66. Just a random town we decided to stroll through.

Before hitting the Oklahoma State line we passed through this interesting weather system. We hit spots of intense rain, but also spots of pure sunshine and the temperature would range about 10 -25 degrees.

We were glad to see the skies open up as we crossed into Oklahoma.. and I’m beginning to regret not getting a real camera or even upgrading this iPhone.. there’s so much beauty in this country and along this route that an iPhone just doesn’t do justice.

With about an hour, or a little more, to go we got a text from our photographer saying he had ‘a little somethin’ somethin’ for us next time we stopped… I naturally told Chris to take the next exit, but he said in a half hour {Insert side eye emoji here}.. it was worth the wait and brought out all the feels.

We are absolutely obsessed with this photo and our photographer (if you click the picture it’ll take you to his studio page. We highly recommend Jamie .. more on our wedding vendor dream team soon!)

Okay. Back to the real topic at hand.

Fun fact .. Oklahoma is one of the states that does not accept EZPass .. which we found out after we went through one soooo… here comes a ticket in the mail. Hahah.

We reached Oklahoma City and again .. traffic was nothing compared to Boston or even Haverhill, MA for that matter.

I was wondering why Chris picked OKC when we saw a sign for the Big 12 Baseball College Championship ..

Tickets purchased and in we went ..

After the end of the first game and a few innings of the second we went off to explore. ‘Bricktown’ as it’s referred to is an adorable little area with water taxis and a whole bunch of restaurants, shops, etc right along the water way.

We continued over to the Myraid Botanical Gardens, which was closed, but looked gorgeous from outside and such a cool shape.

The surrounding area was still beautiful with a Coy fish pond and lots of Mallards.

We headed over to a local food stop recommended to us by a friend who went to school here. Waffle Champion .. yes. So much yes.

These were not your ordinary Chicken and Waffles, they were sooo good. Buttermilk tenders with crispy leeks with tabasco honey on a fresh buttermilk waffle.. drooooool.

We heard the wait can be up to an hour especially in the morning. In the morning you can go into the restaurant, but they reopen at night with just a walk up window. We went to the night window and hit it right at the perfect time. After we ordered the line grew and the wait increased to about 30 mins.

We then needed the night with this beautiful creation right here. A cookiewich from the local insomnia cookies (we know these are all over, but the waffle champion wait was soooo long by the time we finished we continued on walking and saw this).

There is definitely way more to do in OKC than we thought and could do a lot more had we stayed longer.

We love these cities, but are excited to get to some camping and hiking.

Gas Stop: Tulsa, OK – $2.69/gal – gallon H20 $0.97

Until tomorrow fam,


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