Day 15: Coram, MT

Still in Montana and still lots to explore in this national park. We drove straight to Glacier 280 miles and jumped right in to our first hike.

We hit the road early and stopped at a grocery store to get ourselves some healthy breakfast to fuel up for our day ahead and a couple gallons of water.

We opted for the scenic route and as always it did not disappoint.

Gas Stop: Big Fork, MT $3.09/gal

When we arrived to the area of Glacier and thought it was a little strange that it wasn’t busier. When we got to the park we realized why. There is road construction at the west entrance and on a couple roads through out the park.

You could only use one lane so they were letting groups of cars go through each way. We waited for about 18 mins. One positive for some people was they waived the park entrance fee (we have the America the Beautiful National Park pass so it wasn’t a benefit for us). It was a negative since there was no ranger handing out trail/park maps, so we used one from our phone.

We stopped at a turnout to catch a view.

Gorgeous! We are so excited for Glacier!

When we finally made it to our first hike the parking areas were packed. We finally found a spot and laced up our hiking sneakers and filled up our camelback and hydration pack. Chriss was a brand new one we just bought and it ended up leaking all over his back (there’s a small gap in the bottom where the straw connects) so that was really frustrating.

The views were so worth it. The hike was about 5.7 miles total. The majority of people tend to not hike the whole thing as towards the end it gets interesting and is less of a trail.

Beware of Bear signs were everywhere, this is a well traveled trail but there were still spots where we were completely alone which made me a little nervous, but Chris had our bear spray, I had a knife, and we had music playing to make a little noise to try not to startle any. Some people were wearing bells, but many opted for music and some just had a loud talker in their group.

We explored a little and headed out of the park and into the town. This of course was a long process with all the road work.

A few people had told us to check out the Hungry Horse Dam so we did.

A pretty impressive sight actually.

Our home for the next two days is this Yurt Village.

We are all about the new experiences this trip.

In our travels we passed an A&W where they make the root beer so we stopped in for a root beer float.

The rest of our night we sat and planned out our hikes for the next couple days. The sun doesn’t set here until around 9:20pm so going to bed early was not really an option with our Yurt sky roof.

Until tomorrow,


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