Day 3: St. Louis, Missouri

Day 3 brought us to St. Louis Missouri leaving 353.4 miles in the dust. While we may have gained an hour crossing time zones we lost that hour in a little traffic situation.

After a delicious breakfast we hit the road, passing lots more flat land. There were multiple factories such as Honda and a massive FedEx distribution center. The size of these buildings were quite impressive.

After a quick Bathroom break and refuel we were off. There were TONS of air quality warnings along the highways suggesting certain times to refuel and asking people to combine their errands.

{Subiee is doing so well with all these daily miles}

Gas Stop: Terre Haute, IN – $3.09/gal – gallon H2O $2.00

Almost as soon as we crossed the boarder into Illinois we hit DEAD STOP traffic.

After about 15 mins of not moving people started getting out of their cars, trucks turned off their engines, and people just started hanging out.

I’ve never been in this situation before and it was actually fun, I imagine if we were actually trying to get somewhere by a certain time it would be quite frustrating.

We took this time to take a map pic.

We may have gained an hour crossing into a new time zone, but this ate up that whole hour. By the time we got through everything was all cleared up but praying for whoever was in the accident!

There were some pretty intense and interesting religious billboards along the way and this gigantic cross.

there was also this sign.. that oddly enough was in front of a prison yard.

&& finally we approached St.Louis!

Unfortunately, there were no local Cardinals games this week, but this is a city we definitely would love to come back to.

We spent a little over half a day walking around and it felt good to explore. We even got our first National Park cancellation stamp!

After looking up some St.Louis must try’s we came across Fitz’s famous for their root beer floats ..

They certainly did not disappoint and we would definitely recommend you stop there if you’re in the area!

St.Louis we will be back!

Ta-Ta for now,



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