If you only do what you can do, you will never be better than you are now.

Meet my 2016 motto – I am not sure exactly where I got this from, I think it was in the movie theater during previews – this may not even be the correct or exact quote, but I love it so I am going with it.

Some people don’t believe in resolutions, some people obsess over them for a month and slowly fall back into old habits, some people believe in and stick to them – personally, I believe in goals – SMART Goal Setting.


I am participating in #16in16 in an amazing Facebook group I belong to IDWTBAT (I Don’t Want to Be a Tree). So here are my 2016 goals – check back each month for check-ins, progress reports, etc.

  1. Lose 30 pounds by June, so that I can be more confident going into the summer and my brother’s wedding
  2. Meal Prep on a regular basis (Sundays and one mid-week day) so I am prepared for the week ahead and am not stuck in a situation where I am more tempted to make an unhealthy choice
  3. Consistently Log my food on MyFitnessPal and maintain consistency with my nutrition and supplementation
    • After finishing my 24 Day Challenge, allow myself a cheat day, then move to Lean in 13 cycles with a cheat day following each until I am able to cleanse again (90 days)
  4. Brush & Floss my teeth so that my smile is a powerful as possible (yes, I already brush my teeth, but don’t act like you’ve never forgotten to floss or were too lazy to brush before bed)
  5. Take care of my skin so I am putting my best self forward and am doing my future self a favor
  6. Continue to develop and build on my personal style – make a daily effort to put myself together – call it “look good, feel good” if you will.
  7. 5:10am wake up – 9:15/9:30m bed – so that I can make the most out of my day without having to rush around
  8. Use my Passion Planner as it is meant to be used to get the most out of each day and truly progress towards my goals
  9. READ one personal growth book per month to expand my knowledge and learn from other’s successful journeys 
  10. Have PATIENTS, be willing to compromise so that I have positive and healthy relationships
  11. Update and blog on a more regular basis – consistent with Monday Matters and Race Recaps so that I can share my journey with others, and have things to look back on
  12. Map out and stick to a realistic budget so that I am aware of my finances and spending smart
    • Use the Debt Buster System provided by AdvoCare to minimize my debt and manage my future financial situation
  13. Run my fastest half marathon – let it happen, don’t obsess over it – train hard, do my best – control what I can.
  14. Pass my CAMS exam this year so that I can advance my career and be more marketable moving forward
  15. Be more positive at work so that it does not ruin my mission towards a happier life – go in do my work/hours and leave – do my best to block out the negativity that overwhelmed me in 2015
  16. Get a new job by my birthday – whether that be in the same company or at a new one – I will not settle for less than I deserve


There is so much power in setting goals, especially when you write them down.  Throw the fear of failure out the window, realize that goals are important and should be a part of your life no matter how small. Don’t let rejection turn you away from accomplishing or making strides towards your goals – believe in yourself and believe you are worthy of everything you wish to achieve.

“The secret of getting ahead, is getting started” – Mark Twain




Do you have any goals for 2016? or maybe a goal for the month of January?

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