Monday Matters: Don’t Take Things for Granite

My values and expectations have been heavily influenced by my family as a child. As I grew up I found myself learning, evolving and beginning to develop my own. I am truly blessed to have had the supportive family I have. Since my late teenage years I have had immense support to go out there and try new things. 

There have been, and still are, so many opportunities in life I was able to take because I knew I had the support of my family behind me. 

My parents allowed me to make important life choices on my own and were there to catch me if I fell, or hold me up if I tripped. 

They never tried to chose my friends, they never chose my path in life – they were always there, being themselves, being a positive and encouraging influence. 

Yesterday (father’s day) I spent the majority of the day competing in my first ever Spartan Race – one of the most mentally challenging things I’ve ever done. Much like running I found myself wandering off into so many directions of thought. 

I often find strength when I think of my dad, because he believes in me – he always has. Anytime I come home with a new idea, challenge, life choice he listens, accepts, and encourages. He doesn’t force his advice, he offers it.

This even held true at the elementary school age when I volunteered him for every single field trip. At that time he worked over night and ran his own painting business on the side. With a jam packed schedule and minimal sleep he signed those forms and came along for some mini adventures full of screaming children.  

For many years he even coached various sports teams my brothers and I played on. This is one thing I admire my father for beyond belief. As someone who has been a coach and lived that life for a few years I cannot even imagine how hard that must have been. Volunteering to go the extra mile and help out a team no one else would while listening to ‘suggestions’ and complaints of fairness. Being scrutinized by parents over some of the most insignificant t-ball games of our lives. All the while he stuck with it and provided the three of us with endless life lessons. 

Two of the greatest qualities I’ve gotten from my dad are his unconditional kindness towards every single person and his passion for supporting and standing up for the underdog (If only I could nail down the art of patience like he has).

The other night my dad stopped us on the way into the house to say “don’t take things for ‘granite'”

These are what we call ‘Tim Jokes’ or Dad Jokes if you will- corny but neccesary in life.

I can’t believe there are days I actually did take my dad for granted, that’s horrifying. My dad is my anchor in life and my forever safety net, unconditionally. He is truly an amazing human being and will forever be my hero. 

I encourage you to take the time to recognize and appreciate what you have today – things as simple as a ‘Tim Joke’ you find yourself chuckling at accompanied by an eye roll are things that you will look back on More so than any material item. 

Thank, acknowledge, recognize the positive influences in your life. 

I love you dad – thank you. 

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