Monday Matters: I Tripped

Friends – full transparency here – I tripped, I am not going to say I fell because I didn’t hit the bottom, I caught myself. 

I got off course with my lifestyle changes. 

I reverted back to some old ways of laziness and negativity because I let others around me influence the way I thought and my outlook of life. 

So, today I made the choice to invest in myself and my health. I bought a personal training package at my new gym. Day 1 and I already feel better, it’s crazy what a little endorphin high can do for you. 

I left there with a huge smile on my face knowing I made a great decision for myself and my future. My personal trainer is awesome which makes it all that much better. 

THE GOAL: My brother is getting married in August – I have decided to lose AT LEAST 30 pounds by then. 

So, if the holidays or stress of life has caused you to trip – catch yourself before you fall

You can do this, our hard work and dedication now is going to pay off in the future. 2016 is ours! 

Tomorrow is a blank page just waiting to be filled with your dreams – all you have to do is be yourself and live the story of your own unique life. Be proud. Be confident. & most of all, be happy. 💙



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