Take a Shot: [Spoiler Alert] it’s Worth it!

When people tell me “I could never run a half marathon that’s way too hard” or “the thought of getting up at 4:30 to workout is horrifying” when I react I forget before I started any of these things, I too had fears and doubts and I was reminded of that last week –

My brother has been going to Title Boxing for a while now and truly has a passion for it (and is getting some pretttyyy awesome results from it). I have ALWAYS wanted to try it and for the longest time put it off – my personal trainer even asked me once if I had any interest in it (lying) I told him no. 

Finally I told my brother I wanted to try it and he responded by asking what time I wanted to go THE NEXT DAY .. Uhhhh WHAT!? Now!? Who!? Whaaaaat!? I picked a time and that was that. 

Just kidingggg

Panic mode struck – as you may or may not know. I hate not knowing what I am doing & I don’t like not being prepared. That day I even tried to bail 

But naturally my brother wouldn’t let me. And dealt with my panic mode all day right up until I walked in the door. 

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Everyone at Title Boxing was extremely welcoming and it definitely helped going with my brother who was familiar with it all. 

My kick-a$s brother – 20lbs down and living a more positive life!

I’m so glad that he pulled me in there with him and let me be a part of his outlet. I definitely didn’t know what I was doing, but I showed up and did my best. I learned so much and immediately signed up for a membership after class. 

Get your free class here (tell em JBold sent ya!)

a selfie for mom! he just pretended to look tired so I felt better about myself .. true sibling love

I was 100% awkward and uncomfortable, but walking out of that class I had my head held high and was so proud of myself because in that moment I had stepped out of my comfort zone and I grew. I grew as a person and gained a new workout hobby. 

So everyone out there with that thing stuck in your brain and on your heart that you want to try – I know it’s hard, I know it’s not easy, I know you are thinking of 100 reasons why you can’t or why you shouldn’t – DO IT!

Grab a friend, grab a sibling, grab a parent, go at it alone and TRY. Take that leap of faith and be brave!

It is so worth it! 

Be bold, live happy – J

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