Healing Myself: The Gameplan

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Looking over and beginning to understand the auto immune protocol/Paleo approach I must say I am a bit overwhelmed – there is so much quality information in this book and so much more to what choices I make for my body than I ever thought possible. 
I’ve decided to ease my way in to this lifestyle because knowing my history going ‘balls to the wall’ immediately may not be my best choice. 
My first two weeks are going to be a strict paleo diet to eliminate dairy, grains, processed foods, added sugars, and legumes. 
After those two weeks are up I will go into the Paleo Approach eliminating eggs (uhhgg this will be so hard), night shades (veggies like tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, etc), specific spices, nuts, seeds, and a few others.

As Sarah says: “In general, if the food has a label, you will probably not be able to eat”

Sleep is really important to this approach (and a healthy lifestyle in general) so I am going to make even more of an effort to actually get 8 hours a night. This seems impossible now, but I want to follow this as best as I can. 
At this point, I plan to follow through with the elimination phase for about 30 days, but I will re-assess towards the end of that to see how it’s all going with my HS. I’m hoping this length of time will get me off these medicines I’ve been put on recently. 
We don’t all react to foods the same way it is so interesting to see the various triggers each individual has with the same disease. As Sarah says it’s an interaction with your genes and the environment you surround yourself with (including foods you take in, stress, sleep). 
I already know that Paleo is a long-term nutrition strategy and lifestyle that is very beneficial for me, I’ve done it before and I know it works – this will be a lifestyle I continue long after this ‘Approach’ is over. I know that the removal of high starch foods, dairy, and refined sugar is a huge problem for not only my weightloss, but autoimmune disease as well. Removing these categories from my life is a huge focus for me in this journey I’m about to embark on. 

As I said before I have been watching numerous documentaries on people who have healed their bodies and changed the course of their auto immune diseases. I’ve been doing a ton of research on juicing; while I don’t think a full out juice only lifestyle is for me, I do believe I could benefit from some of the recipes and jam packed cups of nutrients. 
I am wicked excited to try some of these out especially ginger and turmeric shots in the morning 🙂 
You have the power to change your own life! Live happy – xx J

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