Spread Your Vibes (Sans Negativity) 

With so much going on in the world I sometimes feel my anxiety creeping back into my life. I actually even had a panic attack the other day at work. 

I had to take a step back to realize that this just means I have to work harder to have a positive influence on those who surround me. 

Those of us who are grinding daily to make our world and our lives a better place have to realize that we cannot change everything negative in the world on our own. We need to SUPPORT others who are also trying to make a positive impact – feed off of other’s positive vibes. 

Stop wasting your energy on bashing, fighting, and shaming others – instead use that energy to empower, excite, and uplift those around you – not only will you make their day brighter, but you will also be creating a more positive environment for yourself. 

BE YOU – show the world what you bring to it. No one wants you to be perfect they want to see who you are they love the quirks, the imperfections they are what makes you, you. Embrace and believe in yourself! When you are positive about your own image and you truly believe in the message you are spreading you are more likely to spread those positive vibes around. 

Smile, look others in the eye and smile at them. Try not to awkwardly look away when you are walking by someone in the hallway. Look up – enjoy life and the moment you are in and help them do the same. 

You may not always see the impact you are making, but when you know in your heart you are doing the right thing – that is what matters. 

How you feel about yourself matters, how you feel in your daily life matters – let your actions speak loud and proud, but also watch your words they are more powerful than you think.

Be positive, live happy

Xx – J 

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