Before You Judge My Tattoo…

Just talking about even getting this newest tattoo people were throwing out their opinions and how awful tattoos are and how they would ‘kill’ their kids if they came home with one – I was judged. I have come to a point where my life doesn’t revolve around what other people think of me or their opinions, but I just found it so interesting how quick people were to judge someone simply based on the fact that they had a tattoo.

“Now knowing I have a tattoo, even though you have never seen it before, does your opinion of me change?” I asked. No one answered not knowing that I already had one.
Before you judge my tattoo know that every day I look in the mirror or every time I go to get dressed, I look at scars that will never go away, as a result of endless surgeries from a disease I never chose. Sometimes I have an awful looking flare that causes me to be in so much pain – I have to fight my own body to get up and get through the day – and be in such discomfort trying to hide it.

no filter can hide these babies – ive learned to accept and own that these are and forever will be a part of me and that more can come at any time.

I didn’t choose these permanent scars, I don’t choose for my immune system to go wild, and I don’t choose when my disease flares up. But, what I did choose was to put this ink on my skin as a permanent reminder to myself when I see those scars in the mirror, that life goes on, I can move forward into bigger and better things. When I look in the mirror and see these scars I also see this tattoo and think about it’s meaning and think of my dad encouraging me to keep fighting for my dreams and keep moving forward.

between my dad’s handwritting, the quotes this arrow symbolizes, and the details in between this tattoo has so much meaning

Out for a run yesterday I caught a glimpse of my tattoo as I put my head down in exhaustion … it pushed me to go harder, to test my endurance, and fight through the mental blockade. Passion. It relit my passion, my fire to fight on.

My biggest regret about my first tattoo is that I got it on my back – so I can’t see it every day – but when I see the one on my arm it reminds me of the saying on by back “Bí dílis duit féin” a reminder from my mom to be true to myself in everything that I do.

at home workouts and maybe some bathing suits are the only time this one sees the light of day

If I wake up one day regretting these tattoos – I regret the person that I have become – these tattoos are a representation of my beliefs and the two most important people in my life who got me to where I am today. These represent moving forward to a future that is better than my past. There is so much meaning behind and within this work that you wouldn’t understand by just looking, but please do feel free to ask!

I have a cousin who is an amazing mother and happens to be like .. My spirit animal and role model in being my own person – who rocks a body full of tattoos. I grew up spending many days with her and I watch her from a distance raise an amazing daughter while holding a great position within a company. I know her and her personality – then when I hear the stereotypes placed on tattoos it literally kills me – girl is gorgeous no matter what you say, she is an amazing mother and ink on her body can take nothing away from that, her tattoos do not hinder her ability to work her butt off.

I respect your opinion to dislike tattoos and I hope you respect mine to put something on my body that leads to a positive image of myself rather than being reminded of the scars I didn’t choose and the negative experiences associated with them.

Yes, I work in a professional environment, and yes I respect the rules set forth by the company I work for (my tattoos are VERY rarely visible in the work environment), but if you are judging me or my work ethic based solely on this ink – that is a problem right there.
If something encourages you and makes you feel good about yourself – you should do it. Your life should not be dictated by others opinions. I know that this ink is permanent and I am okay with that. There will always be people out there judging you for something and trying to drag you down.  NEVER let them.

We only have this one life – loosen up, live it.

XX – J

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