Day 2: Cincinnati, OH

Day 2 we ended in Cincinnati, Ohio logging 476.6 miles for the day.

Our day started with a brief drive around Hershey Park – I remembered going as a kid with my family and cousins. It’s amazing how the whole town is centered around the factory and park.

Today was about 8 hours of driving. These first two days have been more about getting some miles behind us rather than the adventures. Tomorrow will be less miles logged and more exploring as we head to new places!

Gas Stop: Newberg, PA (rest stop)- $3.07/gal – gallon H20 $2.89

The drive was another straight shot on two major highways. With some interesting bridges and tunnels mixed in.

Leaving Pennsylvania and a brief pass through West Virginia ..

The roads and surrounding lands were very flat and not a whole lot going on ..

Gas Stop: Cambridge, OH $2.79/gal

We got to Cincinnati and decided to head to a Cincinnati Red’s game, each seat was only $12 and these were our seats!

For our New England based following – can you imagine paying $12 for a ticket to Fenway!? Crazyness!

Anywho .. for sure not as exciting as a Sox game, but we did get to see Joey Votto play – andddd that’s about as exciting as that game got.

We capped our night off with an Uber ride back to our hotel with a very inspirational driver. We told him we had been married less than a week and he talked to us about the importance of ‘dating each other’. He has been married once before and chatted about his failures in his previous marriage and how he has learned from them. “Through family visits, having children, and no matter how many years pass your spouse is number one – never stop dating”. “I can tell you are going to have a beautiful marriage, you two are beautiful together”

“and make sure whatever you do in life, you’re following your passion”

Alllllll the feels Cincinnati, all the feels.


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  1. Looking good so far – can only get better!!! πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’œ

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