#16in16 Monthly Recap: April

I cannot believe that it is already May! The past 2 1/2 weeks have been a complete whirlwind with my surprise surgery and the recovery following.  I truly do believe that these things happen for a reason, I believe that there is a reason this disease is back – I definitely won’t go crazy trying to figure it out, but I am not going to hide it any more. For years I hid it from my closest friends, and even some family (more on that later).  This month I didn’t have much time to focus on some of my top goals, but gave me forced rest and time to truly look at my priorities and how important fitness has become in my life.


  1. Lose 30 pounds by June
    • Well, if you saw last month’s recap you know that I had written how scary it was for me to get through this month because this is around the time where I give up ands surgery happened. I wish I could say that I stayed 100% on with my nutrition, but there were days I only had an appetite for one meal and days I couldn’t say no to any treat. I did take a few free online courses on nutrition and learned a lot to carry through in future months of my journey.
    • Back to the gym this week and I am so happy! Life. Changing.  Seriously.  As my wound continues to heal I punch myself more and more every day – I still can’t run and am looking forward to my doctors appointment in a couple weeks to see when I can run again. I need to get back into my regimen of preparing and planning my meals. (pictures to come when I can actually put those Nike Pros on). 
  2. Meal Prep on a regular basis 
    • Severe struggles with this the past two Sundays post surgery.  The beginning of the month was strong, but now I am leaving it all up to chance and the Cafe at work – the only thing I am prepping is my morning overnight oats.
    • Saturdays – meal planning Sundays – meal prep.  I have a few new recipes and tips from some amazing peers that I will be trying out this month. 
  3. Consistently Log on MyFitnessPal & Nutrition Supplementation
    • Yeah – no, didn’t happen.
    • With weight loss at a severe plateau lately I am going to make this a priority this month to take a serious look at what I am eating and what to change. (MyFitnessPal username is BolducJC)
  4. Brush & Floss my teeth
    • This is something I was actually able to be consistent with.
    • Brush when getting to work, floss on the way, brush before bed – repeat!
  5. Take care of my skin
    • Continuing on with the Clear Proof System – my skin was getting super weird when I had to shower three times I day in the first week post surgery, but it has come back to normal.  Maybe the week of being couch-ridden with zero makeup helped too.
    • After reading an article I need to seriously clean my makeup brushes. Daily morning Clear Proof system, gallon a day of water, face wipes immediately after PM workout.
  6. Develop and build on my personal style
    • Style has been slightly sacrificed for whatever can work with these bandages – and it was non existent with the ‘groutfits’ (grey sweat suits) I was wearing when I was off work.
    • As always I highly recommend StitchFix if this is one of your goals too! You get a $25 credit when you refer a friend, use my link: here
    • I have done a little bit of retail therapy and bought some brighter colors – next I need some new pants .. some are getting too big!!
  7. 4:30am wake up – 9:30pm bed
    • This was thrown out the window.
    • 4:22am alarm – get right up and get back into the routine! I will be focusing on getting to bed on time to give  my body time to rest and recover. 
  8. Use my Passion Planner
    • I’m not even sure I used my planner that much this month.
    • Take the time on Monday mornings to sit down and block off the time for workouts, plans, personal growth, etc. 
  9. READ one personal growth book per month 
    • Currently Reading I am That Girl: Alexis Jones
    • I will finish this book THIS month, I swear. 
  10. Have PATIENTS
    • I lost my patients when I got home from surgery and realized what it meant, but with the help of some amazing friends I got over it.
    • Continue to breathe through frustrating situations. 
    • FullSizeRender
      Celebrated Momma’s birthday with some amazing family ❤
  11. Update and blog on a more regular basis
    • A few updates here and there – more regular posts and daily content can be found on my Instagram @JboldLivingHappy
    • Monday Matters, Start working on my “I have HS” awareness post. 
  12. Map out and stick to a realistic budget
    • I wrote down and organized bills and account information this month – At this stage in life the focus is paying bills
    • Paying off debt is going to be the focus going forward and when I have money to budget, I will do so. 
  13. Run my fastest half marathon
    • Ugh – this depresses me a little, but as I have said I can’t currently run.
    • I did find a few programs I would like to combine – I do want to figure out how to run without buying the muscle I am working so hard to build. 
  14. Pass my CAMS exam
    • I thought about the exam does that count?
    • This month I am picking a date and beginning studying for it.
  15. Be more positive at work
    • As much as I was infuriated about this surgery, I think it was great to have a break from work – it also showed me who my actual friends there are and who is just simply a co-worker.
    • I will be keeping to myself more in the office – there is some aggressiveness/mean girl situations I want ZERO part of. 
  16. Get a new job
    • I worked on my dream, I took action on what I would really like to do in my future – nutrition and life coaching.
    •  Strengthen my skills in my current position and take action towards my CAMS. 

“A little progress each day adds up to big results” – I am extremely overwhelmed and feel like I am so behind on my weight loss goals.  I am so happy for everyone I coach and all of my friends and family around me, but WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME why is the scale not moving? Why do I feel like I am making zero progress and all of these people around me are dropping ridiculous pant sizes.  I know, I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself, but I am so anxious – being back at the gym has definitely calmed me down, you should have heard me a week ago.

“The number one reason why people quit is because they look how far they’ve got to go , Not how far they have come” and y’all I have come a LONGG WAYYY inside and out.

I’m sure you have all seen the J.T memes by now, but I can’t resist.


Live happy,

XX – J

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