Day 24: Maumee, OH

A baseball game sandwiched between two quick drives as we inch our way back to the east coast. A bitter taste in my mouth from Comerica Park so Chris wrote most of this one.

We started our day off realizing that we had switched time zones again and picked up the pace to get ourselves out the door. After all, we did have another baseball park to visit.

Today, Comerica Park, Detroit Michigan.

After an interesting parking experience we walked over to the park. It’s an impressive exterior with numerous large tiger head statues (about 20 per side Chris guesses).

There were long lines at every entrance waiting to go through security. I don’t think I’ve ever stood in line like that to get into a game before.

We finally made it to the front. “No selfie sticks” the man looking through my bag yells. I had no idea he was talking to me since.. I don’t own a selfie stick. “It can’t come in” he yells and I finally realize he’s talking to me. “I don’t have a selfie stick, sir” I replied. “Well I’m looking at it, no selfie sticks – Go Pro can come in, no selfie stick” and now I’m getting really annoyed because he just keeps yelling no selfie sticks when I try to say anything. “You can throw it away here or not come in”

What he is referring to as a selfie stick is a handheld attachment for the GoPro that we have been using the whole trip and has been attached to the GoPro since we got it. It is literally the size of my hand and is actually a tiny tripod. I get why selfie sticks aren’t allowed – they are distracting, annoying, and can get in the way of the fam experience. This attachment literally makes the GoPro the size of an iPhone plus. This older gentleman was not understanding and just continued to yell no selfie sticks. He was SO kind as to let me keep the screw that attaches the handheld tripod to the GoPro .. THANKS SIR THATS SO USEFUL FOR ME. Annnndddd you can bet your butt their customer service got an email about this. Since I’m still bitter I’ll let Chris give you an overview of the park ..

.. but I’d also like to add that when we sat down there there was a woman with a huge umbrella in the section below us .. glad my handheld attachment was tossed but that huge umbrella isn’t bothering y’all … I digress.

{Chris – the park as a whole was very nice, just a little overdone with the tiger heads. Considering we were in the first row of the highest section I don’t think there was really a bad seat in the park. The only issue we had was the fact that we had to go to a day game to a stadium that has no cover on a 90 degree day. That’s never going to end well with some fair skinned people.

(Ford field, where the Lions play, is right behind it and Little Caesars Arena where the Red Wings play is right down the street.)

They had a nice area which had a tigers merry-go-round for kids (or adults if you’re into merry-go-rounds) in the middle and was surrounded by food options. We stopped in and had to grab some ice cream in mini helmets to help cool off.

The stadium was probably 10% filled though and a third of those fans had made their way to whatever shade they could find by the 3rd inning. It was well worth the trip though and I would recommend a night game to anyone who happens to be in the Detroit.}

It was SO hot in the sun I was sweating, like puddle in the small of my back haha, but without any armpit sweat glands I always sweat a ton so that’s not really saying anything. (TMI? it’s from all them surgeries – .. more about that here)

After the game we headed out .. BYE DETROIT! If you ever go to a game don’t bring anything that could ever be perceived as a selfie stick even if you’d never think it could be.

Okay, okay I’m done.

Off we went to the hotel for the night, slowly inching our way back to New Hampshire. It’s very bittersweet.

Gas Stop: Ann Arbor, MI – $2.95/gal

Another unique bridge and into Ohio we went.

Play Ball (without a selfie stick),


4 thoughts on “Day 24: Maumee, OH

  1. Knowing you, they will be sending you a gift card for a new tripod! Chris I can just imagine how my little girl was after that one!!!

    Sounds like another great adventure!

    I know it’s bittersweet but I like that you are getting closer to NH! πŸ’™

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  2. I’m glad you are closer. But understand any sadness after such a trip.
    You will continue on as traveling partners.
    Just in a different space. xxx

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  3. OMG LOVED THAT SALAD!!! Fenway will never be as cool as the parks you have visited too money hungry unfortunately How were the hot dogs !? Safe travels πŸ’œπŸ‘β€οΈ

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  4. Bastards – so stupid huh – the umbrella a killer…. life in America sweetie!! Love your discovering all the parks – interesting how different they all are – not to mention reasonable prices!!! When do you plan to be home??? Safe travels – hi to GEM

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