Monday Matters: Brain Tornado

A couple things have been weighing on my mind, whirling around. So I am writing them out to try to make sense of it all, or maybe just to get them somewhere other than on my brain. 

Life doesn’t always make sense, people rarely make sense, but one thing is for sure today, this Monday matters, I matter, you matter. 

No one was out on this earth to figure life out, we are here to live it, EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Off I go … 

1. Why do I suck, what’s wrong with me!? 

Why can some people just wake up one day and do something? Why is it that I train my ass off to run faster and run longer, but am such a slow runner and might as well just walk or not do it at all? 

I know I am nearing the end of marathon training and shouldn’t have these astronomicall expectations for myself, but the half marathons I have run in the past few weeks have destroyed a good chunk of my confidence. Things just keep going wrong and I let them get to me and let them build up rather than relax and let it go. 

It has been a struggle for me to look at these as training runs, I expect more from myself – I know I can run the distance and will be looking to train for speed after the NYC Marathon and am hoping that can help me boost back up. 

I can be better, I will be better, I can do this. I am doing the best I can – I will stop comparing myself to others. 


busting ass
2. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice

We all have those opinionated people in our lives (who may or may not mean well) who always insert their opinion as fact and judge when we don’t take it. 

Everyone is different and the way they live their life, the way they do things, how they handled a certain situation may not fit you or your life. 

In stressful times in our life it always feels like people seem to offer their opinions and advice more, but we need to look at it as just that, an offering, we can say no, we can take it with a grain of salt, or we can act on it, or we can use it. The only person you need to please is YOU. 


Go ahead, paint your wall bright green – you like it, you do it.
3. Don’t feed the negativity you hate. 

Im going to use my current situation at work to explain this one, but it can be applied many ways. 

This week thought the company I work for (my full-time job) is employee appreciation week. My office is FULLLLL of complaining. The week is set up to offer a fun and positive environment for us as employees with little events everyday. 

Sure, they may be silly little things, but why wouldn’t you go to them/utilize them? Go out to the field day events and let loose. Remember when field day was the best day of the year in elementary school? What’s holding you back? 

Decorate your desk a little, show some personality, open your eyes to new experiences. 

Take a stupid selfie with your colleagues, LAUGH, heck crack a damn smile! Make the environment a positive one, don’t be the negative virus – don’t let our work environment continue to be a negative one. 

I chose to be a part of the planning committee, because I know what it is like to step in to the negative environment and let it overwhelm me – I really want to make this a week of positivity. 

I have been sending out daily emails reminding people about the events ahead, encouraging participation, and adding positive quotes – I don’t even care that people roll their eyes, or the lady near me thinks I’m nuts – if one person catches a positive vibe I am going to be ecstatic . 

Some things I am realizing and challenge YOU to be a positive change in your environment:

People expect to feel appreciated, but don’t show their appreciation for others. 

The office culture really does come from the top down, no matter what ‘lower’ levels try to do management can easily kill positive and upbeat social culture. 


Surround yourself with the people who do support you and will make your life a positive experience.

4. I am overwhelmed by a feeling that I was meant for so much more. 

I can’t change the whole world, but I can and will change as many people’s as possible. 
When stress overwhelms you do you experience these chaotic brain tornados!? 

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