Monday Matters: No Excuses November Challenge

“You have to overcome your inclination to pull away from the discomfort.”

I have declared that next month will be NO Excuses November for me. 

November 1st I am running the New York City Marathon, so I thought what better way to kick off a new beginning that with my first marathon. 

November 2nd I can’t be sure what kind of shape I will be in, but I have taken the day off of work and will be recovering and setting myself up for a successful month. 

My Goals & Plan of Action:
Wake up at 5am every day

No snooze button allowed, get out of bed when the alarm goes off. If I’m tired I need to adjust the time I go to bed. 

Get 7 Hours of Sleep

Adjust my schedule according with my 5am wake up. 

Prepare Healthy Meals 

No eating out after November 1st. My group 24 day challenge begins in the 2nd I will write out a weekly meal plan on Sunday’s. Use the simple receipts in the book I just bought. Meal replacement shakes are always a healthy option if I am on the run. Money is no excuse there are cheap heathy meal options to prepare! 

Work Out 5-6 Days Each Week

Commit and follow the T25 group challenge. Be consistent and add running back in after a week. I will be focusing on speed for my next half marathon in February (I have to try to keep up with my speedy bestie Shannon). I will do my research and create a training plan. I will make a calendar and check off the days as I go and ask Chris to make sure I am taking action towards my dreams. 
Be Confident & Positive

Be consistent with my passion planner and positive affirmations. Don’t apologize for things I shouldn’t apologize for. Realize the positive impact I have on this world. Don’t shy away from compliments – embrace and accept them. Do not encourage or fuel negativity. 

Drop 8lbs of Fat

Stick to my goals and action plan. Be honest with myself and my accountability partners. Use my 24 day challenge group as support and confess if I happen to have a slip or think about veering of my path. Drink plenty of water and don’t skip meals. 
.. More to come as I develop my plan and goals. 

I challenge you to develop your own action plan for the things that matter to you! 

Want to join me in the 24 day challenge or the T25 Challenge group? Contact me at or through my Advocare link (here)

Love life, live happy,


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