Monday Matters: Screw Fear

About a week ago, I sat in my living room after one of the worst half marathon experiences I have ever had when my cousin’s wife (who is also a good friend) approached me about running the New York City Marathon in November wither her brother, her dad, and my cousin.


Yeah right! I can’t run a full, that’s way too much. I will never run a full. 

Naturally my mind starts racing a mile a minute (per usual): I can’t do that – can I? OMG NO WAY JILLIAN, do you even remember the race yesterday? Can slow people run the marathon? This is once in a lifetime – NYC isn’t going anywhere .… And so on and so on

As soon as they left after dinner I took to my trusty sidekick (Pinterest, duh). Looking at soooo many different blogs and articles about the amazingness that is the New York City Marathon. I CAN DO THIS! I WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS. Look at that course! That medal! I can get new sneakers!!

I slept on it and thought about it on my ride into work. I am going to do this, fu*k fear. 

I had the same self doubt after contemplating my very first 5k, but I succeeded, I had the courage to start and I had an amazing journey getting there.

I immediately texted her and got the information and the steps to take … and I did it, I committed myself to the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon.

I know this is not going to be an easy task by any means, but I have decided to join the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Team For Cures and running for a cause is absolutely going to give me strength in tough times.

My goal is to complete this 26.2 mile adventure with a positive attitude, I don’t have a goal time and I don’t want one, I want to finish on a positive note on November 1st. In addition, before the race I will raise at least $3,000 for the MMRF. I know this is an amazing cause and the work ahead is nothing compared to what MM patients go through every day. Visit my fundraising page here!

My message to you today is screw fear

Why do you think you are affraid? What is holding you back? More likely than not the fear is something you self created – a problem you worked up in your head – a mythical argument or conversation you had with someone or with a situation.

I knew if I passed this up I would regret it.  I know there will be times in my training where I curse myself for signing up, and question what I was thinking, but I would have regretted not taking this leap of faith and not trusting myself to do this.

It’s not the marathon I am conquering, nor is it the hectic training schedule, it’s myself – I am going to do this for me and for every single person out there who life has been affected by MM in one way or another.

I will be posting my training journey as I go – check back periodically for more.

Fight your fears, live happy,


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