#16in16 Monthly Recap: March

I learned a lot about myself this month, but the best realization I came to was that amazing things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. “You have to overcome your inclination to pull away from the discomfort” is what I continue to tell myself.  When I look back on it I have learned so many valuable lessons and have had so many amazing experiences when I subjected myself to moments of discomfort. Small steps on a daily basis is all I ask of myself. I know I am stronger than any anxiety I feel, I know I am stronger than my self doubt. HEYYYY APRIL! 

  1. Lose 30 pounds by June
    • 30lbs is the goal I set for myself, and I know the scale should not always be the focus, but I know I can do this and I need to rid my body of the access fat.  This month people have been noticing and complementing changes to my body and that is so motivational for me. Usually around this time is where I start to fall into old habits because I get comfortable and think it will continue to happen on its own, but I know now that this is a lifestyle for me and have so many tools and endless support to keep me going. I made a little switch in my breakfast routine which I will write about soon that I feel has helped with the weightless and I feel significantly less bloated!
    • This month I am going to continue going to the gym in the morning, incorporating T25 still as well – on Monday (April 4th) I’ll be starting the 21DF, which has been recommended to be by numerous friends and nutritionist. 
    • IMG_4042.JPG
  2. Meal Prep on a regular basis 
    • A little bump in the road this past week with meal planning, but I made healthy choices for 90% of my meals – the beginning of the month was ON POINT for meal planning.
    • Saturdays if I have down time at work I will be planning out my meals, if not definitely on Sunday mornings and straight to grocery shopping for everything I need. I will prep my lunches the night before to make it easier on myself. I am also thinking of incorporating overnight oats to make 430am a little less chaotic. 
  3. Consistently Log on MyFitnessPal & Nutrition Supplementation
    • BARELY logged this month – ugh. I think this 21DF is going to be a great change up for me. I have been consistent with taking my supplements and keep everything in the bathroom upstairs to make it easier to roll on out of bed and take everything before breakfast.
    • With this new meal plan I am going to be writing things down in my passion planner, hopefully this will help me to log in the long run (MyFitnessPal username is BolducJC)
  4. Brush & Floss my teeth
    • Not going to lie I forgot to put my toothbrush in my gym back a few mornings this month, but did bring a spare to put in my desk at work! eek – sorry y’all.
    • I bought another toothbrush to keep in my gym bag! 
  5. Take care of my skin
    • Seriously still so impressed by the Clear Proof system. I’ve been using it every morning and there is definitely a noticeable difference in my skin.  Between this, eating healthy, and a gallon of water a day – my skin is loving it. Makeup wise I am loving Elf brand goodies.
    • Daily morning Clear Proof system, gallon a day of water, face wipes immediately after PM workout, and use clean makeup brushes/rounds on my face.
    • IMG_4049
      Working on the whole makeup thing
  6. Develop and build on my personal style
    • I treated myself to a Stitch Fix this month and I am obsessed.  If you have never tired this I HIGHLY recommend it.  It has been perfect for me (someone who has lived in sweatpants/coaching attire for 6 years) I have been given outfits I would have never picked out for myself, but I love!  I have learned so much about pairing colors/patterns from the style card they send you with each piece. You get a $25 credit when you refer a friend, use my link: here
    • Sunday night outfit prep! This month I am going to be a little more bold with brighter colors and fun prints.
    • IMG_4059.JPG
  7. 4:30am wake up – 9:30pm bed
    • Only missed the gym ONE weekday morning this month! SOOO proud of myself!
    • NO SNOOZE on the 4:22am alarm – get right up! This month I need to focus on going to bed on time there were multiple nights I got less than 7 hours and noticed a decrease in energy in my PM workout.
  8. Use my Passion Planner
    • Every Monday when I got into work I sat down and color coded & planned out the week ahead.  With so much being crammed in on Sunday, this is definitely a more realistic plan for me.  The weekly mid maps have been effective for me & can’t wait to do the monthly reflection for March in there too.
    • Keep blocking off the time for myself (workouts, personal growth, etc). It has been easier to stick to the schedule and say NO to people when I really want to focus on my workouts and goals. 
  9. READ one personal growth book per month 
    • I am still reading I am That Girl: Alexis Jones I find myself doing a lot of reflecting as I read and am taking my time getting through it.
    • Finish the second half of this book. 
  10. Have PATIENTS
    • Proud to say that I have made some SERIOUS progress on this! At work it is a little more of a struggle due to so much crap going on, but it has significantly improved.  Removing negative people and negative situations in my personal life has helped immensely as well.
    • Make conscious efforts to take a breath – realize that what I am saying and how I speak is a representation of myself and those close to me.
  11. Update and blog on a more regular basis
    • I’ve made some improvements to my blog and social media networks this month that I am really happy about.  (P.S I am much more active on my Instagram account – updating that on a daily basis with life experiences, random chaos, or foolishness – follow me there @JboldLivingHappy)
    • Monday Matters every week and extra content when I have topics.
  12. Map out and stick to a realistic budget
    • Oyyyyye … another month and zero action taken
    • I will and need to make a financial plan, I also want to LIVE in my 20s – the struggle is so real at 25
  13. Run my fastest half marathon
    • I haven’t run more than three miles in a while, but I can tell you I am a lot stronger and know my strength and agility is going to help me going into my next race.
    • First off, I need another race before my half in Vegas (ideas!?). Then, I need to start mapping out a training plan with a continued focus on strength training. 
  14. Pass my CAMS exam
    • … zip, nadda, zilch
    • Time is ticking I definitely need to pick a test date to get my mind in the game here. 
  15. Be more positive at work
    • Working out in the morning and doing my own thing is making positive impact on this – I tried to listen to music more and focus on my on case at hand.
    • Surround myself with the positive people in the office, be a positive change and positive leader for others to follow.
  16. Get a new job
    •  I didn’t take much action on this this month, but did jump on in to a new adventure that could potentially help me towards my dream career in the long run!
    •  Strengthen my skills in my current position – continue to do research on my new classes and certifications to help me reach the career I want in my future. 

I realize that these monthly check-ins are more for me than for you lovely readers, but I appreciate you reading through them and following along on my journey.  These blog posts, instagram rambles, and daily workout selfies are what keep me accountable.  They say that Aril showers bring May flowers, but I am not going to wait until May to have beautiful blossoms and adventures, this April I am going to open myself up to new adventures.  I won’t let any self-doubt bring me down.

Okay April, no foolin’ lets do this!

Live happy,


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